The release of Final Fantasy VII RebirtH is scheduled for February 29, 2024, and the project turned out to be larger than its predecessor. According to director Naoki Hamaguchi, quick progress in working on the game is also due to the fact that his developers team had a good atmosphere among themselves.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Khamaguchi said that from 80% to 90% of the team’s team members also participated in the development of Final Fantasy VII REMAKE in 2020. As a result, the employees who participated in the work on the sequel had already developed good working discipline, and they knew how to speed up the process and overcome difficulties.

"It was clear who to turn to the solution of certain issues or problems", – explained the director of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. " This allowed us to work with one team, having achieved excellent rhythm and synchronism in the development of the game", – He added.

As journalist Jason Schreier notes, this is an unusual situation for Triple-A of companies, which, as a rule, dismiss a significant part of their employees after the completion of the project. During the interview, Khamaguchi also said that he began his career as a fan of Final Fantasy VII, which he had the first time to play while still a schoolboy. This role -playing game prompted him to start developing games and look at his remake from the other.

According to him, in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, most of his work is a deeper study of some nuances that were not in the original game. For example, in the part where Claud and Sephirot explore the Nibel Mountain, the protagonist adopts from Zach Strayf his manner and speech style – a connection that fans of the series easily understand.

However, Khamaguchi is also trying to offer the point of view of the fan and explain why some changes proposed by the rest of the team may not give the desired result. According to representatives of Square Enix, three games will be presented in just the framework of the remake, and so far it is not reported when the third of them sees the light.