Obsidian Entertainment – developer of the most famous role -playing games such as Neverwinter Nights 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords, Fallout: New Vegas, The Outer Worlds Entiment. However, there is one game that is very valuable by the key developer Obsidian, and which was originally one of the most high -profile failures of the creators.

In the X veteran of RPG development, Josh was coordinated by a photograph of a specially engraved watch with the inscription about the underestimated game Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, which the developer greatly appreciates.

The game was sold poorly and was a great disappointment, then over time it began to be sold well, my boss gave me a bonus, and I spent part of it on this.

The Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire was a direct continuation of Pillars of Eternity, well-accepted CRPG, which achieved great success on Kickstarter during the crowdfunding of the early 2010s. If the original game found a solid audience and earned a lot of praise, then the sequel did not attract such attention, and after the release he quickly sunk into oblivion.

After the game was released, Soyer and other Obsidian developers said that the continuation was not successful and actually put the Pillars of Eternity series by pause. However, over the years since the release, Deadfire has become another in the long row of solid games, which ultimately found their audience. To note the belated success of the game, Soyer used his royalties to buy unique watches reminiscent of the advantages of Deadfire.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, like other CRPGs, from which it was repulsed, was a clean computer role -playing game, in which your batch of adventure seekers sent to the open sea, combining swords and witchcraft with pirate adventures. This is the type of sequel that went beyond the concept of the original. Nevertheless, for reasons beyond the development of developers, it took more time to search for his audience than expected, but Soyer is grateful for the fact that this eventually happened.

Soyer recently stated that Pillars of Eternity 3 would be happy to have such an opportunity, but for this it is necessary that its scale and budget correspond to Baldur’s Gate 3, which is obviously an incredibly difficult task.

Despite the fact that the main Pillars of Eternity series is still in the ice, the unique universe created by Obsidian will continue to live in another game. The future Avowed is a new action in the Pillars of Eternity universe, but with the original plot and new gaming mechanics.

The game of the sabzhu is good, although the same surface battles are complete gamaen, the theme of pirates is an amateur, and the characters are just average. You can romance only two women and somehow they are not at all Sedouhart. But in general the game top, although in places it does not live up to expectations.

The sabezh game is the DLC to the first part, but sold as a separate game

Well, you are too much, it is too healthy for the DLC

But the theme of pirates and fishing with firearms did not go there

Well, I would not say that, as they say, other morals, compared with the first part by the time of passage, the second part with all the DLC is quite drawn on a good DLC.
And, yes, I am in solidarity with you, after Risen 2, I pull me from pirate topics

1. Improved pulled graphics, animations and effects
2. Added a system of relationships
3. They just removed tons of the graphomaniac text, which was not readable
4. We processed the spell system.
5. Reduced from 6 to 5 members of the detachment.
6. Added portraits to everyone
For me it looks like a full -fledged new part, built on the basis of the first.

1. This is fine
2. On the one hand, this is good, but on the other, just choose the answers that your partner likes and take it to the right places.
3.Sir, if you do not like to read, these are your problems.
4. This +
5. This –
6. That there is, that there is no.
In terms of content, where most of the islands landed, the main source of income, it is dull sea battle, and the time spent on passing even with all the DLC, the game looks like a chic DLC with a pirate theme

I don’t know, a normal game, in my own interesting. Passed twice in different fractions. Pirate theme on an amateur, but pirates in the game are almost not imposed on the plot, their quests can be ignored, except for one mandatory in the beginning.

Good game, although DLS with an arena is superfluous.

Deadfire slag compared to the first part for many reasons.

I bought it on the release once passed and everything has passed the first part for five times, in general, the second has not entered .

It’s a pity the Pilars are the second, the thing is not bad, although the secondary, developed by Avowed, is generally not of interest and confidence, and even a new gamut is strange. Yes, and obsidian is far from the same as before – the games of the level of New Vegas can not be expected from them for sure.

But Josh Soyer, and indeed the current obsidians, give great budgets to give this of course the madness.

And then they got good and cunningly – Mom Microsoft give me money, and if the game fails and does not cause interest. Well, here we are here, give a couple more new projects.

"Obsidian Entertainment is a developer of the most famous role -playing games such as Neverwinter Nights 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords, Fallout: New Vegas, The Outer Worlds"
NWN2 is a good game, for its time excellent, SW: Kotor 2 is a chic game, would be a masterpiece, if it weren’t for a bunch of cut content and shortcuts, New Vegas is just an epic, the only drawback, a small card and there is no space for research, but The out Worlds The dull govno, which was positioned like a folaut in space, but it is so stuffy that there is no desire to play for the opposite side.

Well, I would not say that NWN2 was pretty good even for its time. I replayed many times into both parts, and in the 1st part I don’t really pull me to play, only because of one puzzle in the ruins of the races of creators in the original company, there to open the door to the artifact of force (one of the castles), behind which there was a demon ( If I remember correctly), it was necessary to make the right color of two gems in the well. At the same time, it was especially annoyed by the fact that I chose the wrong gems, everything, make love, so to speak, as you want. But here are the hordes of Anderk – my respect. Yes, and plus, Lady Aribet for me in NWN 1 is the best love, in second place Sharvin and Nassir.
However, I was brought a little to the wilds. I actually lead what? Compared to 1 part, 2 is very inferior in many ways. In particular, it is very noticeable that the game budget was cut in the original campaign and this was very much affected by the plot itself. No offense, but the original campaign 2 parts of 1 with the first is very weak. Not to say that it’s not interesting, but it is very weaker, plus, they cut a lot. Take for example the same Nyshka and Karu. I will not spoil, maybe someone did not play the game. However, at the end of the original campaign with a nurse and punishment, there are rather unpleasant moments. And now if everything is clear with the punishment. Then the niche’s claims are not entirely clear. As a result, there are a lot of holes in the plot.
But if you take the traitor mask, then this is essentially the only plot of a suitable plot for 2 parts that were not related to the main campaign, however, it was directed more for experienced players. Especially because it was very difficult to play for evil by the eagerness of souls, as it was necessary Always monitor your shower indicator and constantly have everyone. When passing for good, it was easier, especially when a skill appeared that made it possible to reduce the hunger.
The storm is like an addition to me, which is technically not connected with the original campaign, but in fact, it is connected, since some events of the original campaign are mentioned there. However, for me, the storm turned out to be a pleasant addition to me in terms of the plot, but also an unpleasant minus due to the plot is quite short, well, the plot of the storm is good to pass the purebred yuan-ti, especially for the evil character, good plot turns appear there.
As a result, plus 2 nwn compared to 1 part – graphics. It is better than 1, but still, for many fans, 1 part is much better. And in terms of the number of mods for 1 part, it noticeably leads. And on the network they play it more often.

Personal opinion: How many times I have tried to go through New Vegas, this game Always caused me boredom, hostility and some disgust. Almost always, I removed it after creating a character and about a couple, maybe a little more, attempts at the watch of the game. And I have this with this game like this. Part 3 I passed with pleasure, and I personally, categorically disagrees with the fact that many consider New Vogas a masterpiece. For me, this game is empty for many factors. Empty locations, boring NPS, plot made on dumps. While in 3 parts, if you investigated some kind of location, then there could at least be a quest, the characters were registered and more alive. I’m silent about the 4th part, which. Well, it’s better not to remember her. And imagine what happened to me a paradox when The Outer Worlds was positioned as a New Vegas in space and I first started playing it, I thought that I would immediately turn my game from the game. However, there was a completely opposite, although from the point of view of the gameplay and the plot, The Outer World is really close to New Vegas, but personally, he played somehow much more vigorously and more interesting than New Vogas, and hostility did not pull me. Although, I haven’t passed the game to the end. I was too lazy, in fact, when I read the ends and quests on the Internet, I found out that I was very close to the final, I just became too lazy to clean up all the planets. And so, in general, the game itself is not bad, and has its own audience. Although, I was quite disappointed that there are no novels in the game. If objectively judges companions in the game, then their personal plots are not particularly interesting, but the companions themselves, just carcasses that can be given guns so that local alien evil spirits do not kill you immediately. Although, in fact, you can kill a lot without companions and solo.

But Kotor 2 was just that alarming bell, and even before the purchase of the SW franchise. So to separate the setting – it is necessary to be able to, yes. Not to mention millions of bugs.

The first part of NWN was created by BioWare, and the second one is Obsidian. Original companies of both parts are good. But the second is more diverse, there is a plot non -linearity, the satellites are better worked out, the graphics are good (the truth of animations of the battles became wooden). The first part is very linear, but still interesting and many new ones at the time of exit the mechanic. But the main thing is that she was the first, so many fell in love with her.

It also played what the game was made on the basis of rules 3 and 3.5, if I do not confuse, the editorial offices of the DND, and the lovers of the board game (experienced) are one of the favorite editorial offices.

One of the most boring games in my memory.Manage to make such a fresh, inexpressive game, this must really try.

The main minus of the game is the gods. I would like more interaction with them, I thought when I catch up with Eotas, then I would fall in, but in the end I attacked and measured my unacceptable death, not even in battle.

let’s say – the battle on ships is hardly the channel as a chip of the whole second part, and therefore Feil

When, on the download screen, the animation was changed. From the tube starting smoke, to a ball with stripes. I got the feeling that the game was picked up.

Both games deserve their place in the hearts of CRPG lovers. The first was one of those games that I still passed to the end, and not as usual spitting in the last act, turning the plot)

The first one passed with pleasure, the second scored closer to the end. All the same, something was not with her. I don’t even remember exactly what exactly.

The game came to me very much, especially, against the background of graphics of the first part, progress is clearly visible. ENT cool. Stealth is cool. Now RPGshki still come out with worse graphics. The same Pathfinder and W40 Rogue Trader

Memorial watches are cool. 🙂

Probably at the gazebo this is cut out on the ass

Himself did something?

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