Following Todd Howard, who said that Bethesda almost decided to give the protagonist Starfield in a voice, the leading designer Emil Paljarulo told more about the reasons why the developers decided to take such a step.

According to Paljarulo, the studio wanted to give players as many opportunities as possible for self -expression and even attracted various voice actors to find the perfect voice for the protagonist Starfield.

We hired the actor, got a voice, listened to him and said: "You know what this guy is too specific. We realized that the only way to really do this and allow the player to be what he wants to be is to have a stray protagonist".

Further, Paljarulo said that in the AAA-game there is usually a voiced protagonist, and a dumb protagonist often remains in niche or indie games.

There was a time in the industry when all the protagonists were voiced. It was an AAA-Fishka. We began to understand: "You know what, maybe this is not so, maybe the fans will like the game even more. " I mean that we played with different things. There is a big argument that players do not like to read the line of dialogue, the player’s answer, and then they press it and get [other remarks said] in Fallout 4 and other role -playing games].

But the problem is that then you read it, then click on it, and you have to wait until they say the same. So this is also not the perfect option. And then we came to the conclusion: "What if we just write the text?" And it was very cool. Starfield has more than 200,000 lines of conversational dialogue without voiced main characters. And it was the absence of a voiced protagonist who allowed us to create such a big world.

It is worth noting that some of the most popular games developed and released by Bethesda – Fallout 3 and almost the entire Franchise The Elder Scrolls – have a dumb protagonist. The exception is Fallout 4, in which the main character is voiced.

Gordon Freeman approves.

GG voice acting is needed when there is this very gg, for example, a herald in a witcher, and when GG is the embodiment of the player’s thoughts and not a prescribed character, then the voice acting soon interferes.

it’s not the same for everybody.. Personally, it is a little annoying that the character is silent, but they say with him as if he is answering something🤦🏻 Alexander

Because it is assumed that they say not with him, but with you.

ahaha, they will not understand me at home if I talk to the monitor)))

But seriously, as this one already said "chip" for an amateur and I am not one of them, but the gazebo games are still interesting, so I play and I will play.

Why do you need to talk to the monitor? You listened to the dialogue and chose the proposed version of the answer, while the dialog is continued right away and does not repeat it already with voice acting that you just read.

In all previous games, the gazebo, except F4, I do not remember that my character would say something. And I did not need it at all.

They only growled something during the battle, and this was quite enough, they lived did not push.

Fat minus, GG voice acting in Fallout 4 and the Dialogs camera were one of the best solutions.

Another attempt at the studio "Rush" for players for the sake of big money! They all say – "We want to give players freedom", But in fact they just save on voice acting. 200,000 lines of dialogue is a lot, of course, but without a voice it will still turn out boring. They hired actors, but when they saw the score, they decided to save money. Now they will lie about the freedom of the player, although in fact everything for the sake of money. As usual!

The meaning of voice acting for a faceless black?

And in my opinion, on the contrary, everything is logical and correct. And, if you look at the general budget of the game, then voice acting – a drop in the sea. Take a look at the salaries of the actors of the voice actors, be very surprised. And in essence, the topic is when we read the line of the dialogue of our GG, we read in our voice. This is the essence of the role system. There is here "I", not a conditional witcher who "He"

Oh what are these companies bad, ay-yai-yai! They just want money, who could have thought of this. in the game industry in AAA Game from a major publisher.

GG voice – obscenities for wagging and hemorrhoids for Modder. Maybe I don’t like the voice of GG? Maybe I was not so intonation and pronunciation represented? Maybe I put a different emotion in the phrase in general? And in mods what to do? Insert pieces of phrases that are suitable for context or stupidly refuse voice acting and thus destroy the harmony of fashion with the game?

Voice acting – the most important element of immersion. She fills the story of life and emotions. Without this, the game turns into a soulless book. Developers understand this perfectly, but greed prevails.

And when we hear excuses about "Freedom of the player" And "Reading your voice" – This is already an undisguised lie for the good of profit. In fact, the player does not care about such "Advantages", He needs a full game experience.

For many players, the voice GG gives the character life and helps to plunge into the game world. As for mods, modders always find ways to adapt the game to their needs. Do not go to falaout 4 there is a voice acting and not what

Dude in fact says. Moreover, from the beginning of the development, the Starfield was made for mods. And GG with the voice in this case would be a headache for all.

Honestly, I want a character in RPG. whose voice you choose to speak.

Dumb excludes not to make a voice

Dumb excludes – this is your client.

This person explained the logical reason that, by the way, suits many who played Skyrim and Falaut 4. He normally and calmly provided facts, and you just stupidly pointed a finger at him and shouted – a fool! I DO NOT TRUST YOU! You are just crooked!!

Here you, fanatics Sonya – are not tired of insulting the game or shirts for a stupid reason?

AND? How can I cancel my words?

Well, there’s a plus. And then you want to make a brutal verzil with a square jaw – and you get a third dos, where you have four votes of varying degrees of darking. Better to let the GG voice not have a voice.

How wonderful the game comes out, that the whole studio makes emissions for all sorts of trifles.And the fact that there is neither the plot nor physics of the level of 13 years ago. Just crooked and wretched gazebo heated all on the loot and sculpts wretched excuses.

So soon we will get to the point that no one should voice. Let the player himself represent the voices that he is pleasant. But in fact, the explanation is mediocre and in my opinion is not logical . But this opinion is purely personal.

Now CRPG has become easier in a voice))

It is pointless to argue. Voice/Text is a matter of taste and personal perception of the world.
Just. There are people – they appeared not so long ago who are used to communicating in text form. I watched the youth, sitting opposite each other, communicates through correspondence in a smartphone chat. These young people are so comfortable. They don’t need a language at all. There are two fingers – what else is needed? Their position is clear to me. How she appeared and where I also understand – everything happened before my eyes. But this does not mean that I do not share it. I do not really like modern games in which millions of lines of the text, which you just get tired of smearing. Since the plot is 0.0001% in these lines and there is also a little meaning, it’s just "Chat", Empty chatter. Many Korean and Chinese toys are distinguished by this.
But if you are youth, have not yet lost the ability to put themselves in the place of another person, you can understand those who expand their perception through voice communication. Когда можно много получить информации через интонации, мимику, жесты, – что является проявлением настоящих чувств у людей (и не только, иначе бы мы не умилялись своими домашними любимцами). I note, however, what is the numbers and text "Talking" Various electric products. People should not take an example from them, so as not to lose humanity.
Of course, you can’t please everyone. Each of his character represents. But this does not mean that his (character/gg) can be completely replaced "first -person", How it happened in the Sabnavtika. The same with the voice is the situation. I am sure that the future for games with a living plot, where the characters are broadcast with their behavior, speech, intonations, are real feelings. Without this, any, even the most advanced technically game, turns into "Rubber product" From a store with a pink rabbit.

In principle, I tried to figure out how much voice acting would be in some kind of Skyrim and all kinds of games. not a lot of voice acting because they usually ask the post in them with one sentences receives in response 2-4 sentences sometimes. And the dialogue system can actually be reduced since the same GG things can speak different NPS as a template like there is some kind of work? NPS thinks and throws out the quest Savay that cockroaches curled up in such a system, the help of an experienced fighter is required. or there is another settlement of minerals. And from this you can generate a sea of ​​content.
And about the fact that the hero will say that the hero will say. abbreviated dialogs appeared mainly to unload the interface and not in order not to know what the GG will actually say there.

Why then the guys from "Hello Games" For 14.1 Gig could do better in the end. Although the release was crypt, but the guys are great! Did not give up and pulled out the game from the cesspool. Although there are still purple cubes on spaces. Stickering of NPS in tables. Flotillas in the atmospheres of planets. Empty frigates after landing on them. Curved cubic buildings due to which the module circuit in construction mode disappears at times (upgrades 4.41).. But the rest works well. Moreover, I am on my Intel Core – i3 2100 and NVIDIA GTX 1650 I calmly play the area of ​​40 and above the FPS. In some places, of course, when you dig the soil, it breaks, but the conflict with a visual, the processor does not have time to process quickly. Yes, and textures on improved are worth and not always a rhinestone in 720p quality is translated. In general, there is no technical discomfort in technical. And this game started in 2016 as a raw student of a schoolboy and turned into a confectioner top coffee. In general, Starfield only the ships designer and catch me. And the indulgent. But nafig is needed if the gameplay itself will be boring? Make sandwiches? RILI? I would understand the risk of shaking a hawchik if you were started to mud. But here as in Skyrim. God, why did they do it! KRCh, I judge in absentia by drain rollers and screenshide: the rear hole. Game at a time. In Menke you have Really mother Teresa is the whole planet in access! Stomachs are a variety of different quirks and shapes. The game itself is a reference to the theory of the simulation of the universe. Generally somehow. Alas, not to say about stones, several models with a couple of textures and all. And there is also the right Russifier! At least in English and you can’t write. Lol. There is a multiplayer.

I’m already fourth day at NMS, and still really did not go along the storyline, because There is something to do! The tummy is not fed, not caressed. Specialists are not all hired on the basis and truck (a cargo spacecraft or as a simple one is written in the game: a large ship)! There are also a group of frigates on an expedition that will arrive after 4 real hours! It is not yet to take the arrangement of a halup in settlements on planets. A bunch of badges that are stupidly once closed, and then there is also a storyline hangs, which if you don’t eat, you will not get plot buns from large updates of which are already three pieces! This is what a sandbox is. And Starfled is a chimera Toda that is neither there – nor here.

Here he is Neksten aaa that we deserved. While I can already locally start TTS on your computer and voice quite high quality any number of text. What interfered with such an indie to the publisher under the wing of a small office (sarcasm), to introduce such a technology into the game? Make models of votes for all languages, edit dictionaries for emotional color and he could say what and as much as. It would be an advanced decision that is possible now, but. The claws of crabs grow from the ass, and the money for Toda premiums. NATI You Starfield 76 with GG Alya Gordon Freman.

Gazebo plans for the next 10 years before the release of Starfield

(I have nothing against Skyrim)

Here it is just asking to call Genshin Impact. Give GG Voice once every few years. The last time the players did not even understand that in that KAT scene GG actually.

Lack of voice acting GG in BG3 is one of the main disadvantages of the game for me.

But the problem is that then you read it, then click on it, and you have to wait until they say the same

By the way, 12/10 argument. After all, in the same Fallout 4 it was impossible to scatter replicas, so after all?

Mg, they rolled up from the Larias, they first also added a voice and then they rushed off to cut everything from the RD.Although in a pair of dialogs, GG still opened his mouth before the release.And everything is already on the release. They even cut out from those pairs of places, now it’s dumb. GG (taking into account the mass of the races, you just can’t call a brow) who builds faces, folds his hands on his chest, etc. But he is silent in a rag.

Hmm. But as Artyom from the metro flew for this, it is scary to remember.)Ох уж эта дискриминация – одним можно молчать, другим низяяя.

Now it would be to compare a linear shooter with a specific main character and role -playing games with a gg non -variety with great variability in dialogs.

I’m talking about Gordon Freeman – look upstairs. 😉 Freeman is possible, but the resident cannot..

Artem is a suddenly registered personality, and not a player avatar, as in the gazebo games.

I’m talking about Freeman.Gordon Freeman from Half Life.

The second halva came out 20 years ago. Last metro – 4 years ago. In those years, all GGs rarely voiced, and even in many RPG dialogue was given exclusively by the text.

The best solution for Starfield role system

In Follaut 4, it was also worth making dumb, although the Tamashny mechanics of dialogs was already wretched.

What bottom to release such games in 23

What bottom is – to express such comments about the game that you did not play.

This is true. The attempt in Fallout 4 was unsuccessful, the dialogue system in Fallout 76 – this is evidence.

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