After the catastrophic launch of The Day Before, her developer said that he collaborates with Steam to make a refund accessible to everyone, and insists that he will not receive any money from sales of the game.

The Day Before was the most popular game in Steam, but after starting it in early access last week, she was met by criticism for not being able to provide the game even close to what was promised.

After the number of players went to decline, and user reviews in Steam received "Grightly negative" Rating, The Day Before developer FNTastic has made a shocking statement about closing the game. Shortly afterwards, FNTASTIM deleted the purchase button on the game page in Steam and wiped it out of the Internet. And all this is just four days after the launch of The Day Before in early access.

Buyers called The Day Before "fraud" and demanded a refund. In a statement published for IGN, the representative of FNTASTIC confirmed that the developer and its publisher, Myton, work with Steam to open the possibility of a refund to any player who wants it, regardless of the time of the game. The Steam Policy on the return of funds restricts the return of funds to those who turned within 14 days from the date of purchase and less than two hours of playing time, but it seems that the situation with The Day Before demanded decisive actions.

Meanwhile, FNTASTIC published statements on her X/Twitter account, which seems to be the last platform with which the developer can give public comments. FNTastic confirmed that she was working on a return of funds and said that she would not receive any money from selling the game.

The answer to those who ask to return the money. Mytona and we are currently working with Steam to allow the return to any player who will decide to ask about this, regardless of the time of the game. FNTastic received 0 dollars and will not receive anything from The Day Before sales.

As expected, FNTASTIC was very much offended by The Day Before, and the last tweet caused a new wave of criticism of the developer for how he led the marketing of the game on the eve of the delayed launch.

"It is incredible that you so fanned this game, but in the end you got such a result", – Wrote one of the X/Twitter users. "You guys, absolute shame for the video game industry".

FNTastic answered this tweet with another comment that only fueled anger around the developer:

"Shit happens? You frankly misled people with your "gameplay" trailers that were completely false and did not represent the released product", – one of the users answered. "You lied. You were caught red -handed, and you want to justify your mistakes".

The publisher of Mytona, who, apparently, retained the ownership of the intellectual property of The Day Before and provided investments in the development of FNTASTIC, published his own statement in X/Twitter:

We regret that the game did not live up to the expectations of most players. Today we will cooperate with Steam to open the possibility of a refund for all players who will decide to make a refund. We maintain contact with FNTASTIC about the future game.

As for the rights of property to The Day Before, then, according to Werkvit, in the case of the closure of the IP company, he moves to someone or some kind of company, and all income will go there, provided that the game will remain on sale. It seems that Mytona owns the IP the Day Before, and therefore will receive all income from the game (after the return of money, of course).