Studio Fow has released another Subverse developers diary, in which they shared further plans for the development of the game. The diary turned out to be very voluminous, but the news for those who expected the release of version 1.0 this year, not the most rainbow.

All subsequent updates will be devoted to loyal quests – a long plot mission completing the romantic arch of characters. Having reached the 30th level of devotion to any waifa, the captain will receive a message from her with a proposal to visit, after which an optional (but strongly recommended) quest will begin.

The reward for the execution of the quest will be a long four -minute bed scene. Nevertheless, the developers decided that in early access they will be limited only to teaser, and full -fledged videos will appear in update 1.0. This is done so that they are not leaked to adult sites ahead of time.

The development of one quest takes about 40 days, so once every three months players will receive two quests. The first to be Demi and Lily, whose quests will be released in late September. As soon as all quests for devotion are released, the release of version 1 will take place.0 with the final battle and the end of the plot of the game. This will happen only next year.

After the release of version 1.0, all old saving files will be deleted, as the game will change a lot and they will become incompatible.

All subsequent increase in the level of devotion to Waifa, up to the maximum 40th, will be accompanied by the receipt of various trophies:

  • audio recordings with vulgar conversations up to 2 hours;
  • posters with Weifa, which can decorate the captain’s cabin;
  • new hairstyles/eyes and the ability to repaint the hunter;
  • unique objects for ground fighting;
  • Sexy outfits.

The pumping of the mantle will become more convenient so that the players do not have to pump each separately and they are always relevant and ready for battle.

Demi will have its own system of pumping augmentation. Every few levels, it will give bonuses such as increasing experience for other Weifows, increasing the rate of navigation and effectiveness of Maria appropriate, reducing the cost of the ship’s upgrades and some interesting possibilities for customization.

Taron will have its own store in which you can buy various collectible items.

The study of planets will change, which will become more interesting. A separate diary will be devoted to this. Ground battles will finalize: enemies will become smarter, bosses are more unique, equipped objects and consumables will appear, the Deva mode will also be redesigned.

Girls who were deprived of bed scenes in Pandora (such as Taron), to version 1.0 will receive more vice. The interface and the system of dialogs will be improved, mainly this will affect the quests magazine, levels of increasing level, access to the compartments of the ship, etc.D. A special DLC event in the Studio 69 nightclub will be released for backers with kikstarter.