Map "Rondo" He promises to become the largest in PUBG: BattleGrounds, the size of which is estimated on a 8×8 scale and today the authors presented a full -fledged gameplay trailer, where they showed various shootings in various places and automobile pursuit.

Players are waiting for spacious open places with hills and mountains, as well as a city zone with skyscrapers. The size of the card provides great opportunities for strategic maneuvers both by a pedestrian and transport.

The trailer also emphasized the possibility of creating his own shelter line from pyramid -like blocks that appear with heaven on request.

The update with the new PUBG card will be released on December 6 on a PC and December 14 on consoles.

New map for bots =)

Chita there calibrates there, or something? The game died so 5 years ago, not?

no PABG is not going to die yet. People still have a krafton in the principle of P0 Khbaraban Chiaki this, cybercotlets with their hands with kissed God or weak newcomers, or honest players who come in to stay with statists for shooting with chings with a radar, VX, and TD. Pabg is alive. Despite Hate many. and many fifth points PABGU polish. Like, these are your hands crooked and everything here, everything flies up with us and we can shoot 15 people and take out the squads in the solo. There is still online. And there would be a choice of cards – online on many cards – would not be. plus PABG considers not the collision of devices but the collision of active accounts. and someone has not one account on PC. And two or three, more. Pabg is still alive.The only thing I can praise PABG is a system of lungs of free, good skins.It is easiest to bother the skins for free in history in history now, just playing.But of course you can’t sell them, there is no trada for a long time.Only old skins can still be sold.

Recently, Pabaji said that in the game on different platforms (including the mobile for which I do not care) more than 300 million active accounts and. Pabigi attention states that cheaters are less than one percent!! 0.033 Vaaaauuuuu.I haven’t heard such nonsense yet.Pabji just pisses into the eyes and ears.Honest players in this garbage is not easy and a new card. Yeah.

maybe anti-will still need to be done?already exists? where in the imagination of developments? How many fresh season-two-two, three in the game and good statistics in the game?newcomers?newcomers cybercotlets?or fresh accounts of the old softers of which were banned or banned for a couple of days?it is sad.And also ala abandoned accounts, on which people played the last time in the year 18 and played a miracle account and immediately good statistics.Sometimes I want to remove this trash and not remember it anymore.

Everything is true, you are right forever and centuries amin

New content for cheaters))

When you see, say (the six) and (the sidewall of the side of the side), this does not mean that you will aim faster, this myth is proven personally and scattered and soon on this topic will be a video on the channel (formidable Hart against the readers) where in detail and clearly will be told about So why does some players have a side sight next to us, say with a collimator, everything is just like waving pens during running and jumping this indicates the availability of software in the system, whether it is a player with a paid macros that gives a quick sight and lightning -fast shooting, regardless of standard body kit. They got into them and after our vidos began to make complaints about use (P0) and that we now see in their last video? Yes, it is they who themselves promote the use of the collimator and the sidewoman (it seems to be convenient or gives some kind of high-speed increase and this is not so) but in order to get rid of complaints (we still know that they themselves push Chi-you through the left sites, they say the best of the heads themselves from Crafton will eat bread and that the left bang so and so reduces the chi-t and puts the coin in his pocket)

what kind of channel, where to see?

Terrible Hart against Chitakov (DzEN and RUTUBE)

Dragon Valley with something

Yes, they would better add new weapons, equipment, and the equipment is normal, otherwise the military is not at all, only the clown. )

Well, in the trailer, a new PPsha or arch was visible

This game will no longer correct anything and will not save. from honest players not accurately in the game – you will not be full.

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