One of the most interesting assurances that we heard before the release of Baldur’s Gate 3 was supposedly the presence of 17 thousand options for the endings in the game. Sven Vinka – the head of Larian – claims that perhaps there are not many of them, but we are still talking about a huge number of possibilities.

In an interview with IGN, the developer noted that we are talking not so much about full -fledged plot lines with unique finals of the main plot, but about the mass of small solutions that affect the appearance of the world, the fate of the characters and the future of Baldur’s Gate. And yet these are a huge number of different options that designers spent thousands of hours.

Okay, this is not entirely true, but if you look at the number of possible options for passing one ending, then there are a lot of them. Some of them are invisible, some depend on our team, but there are quite a lot of them if you look at the number of variations of the epilogue that had to be made in order to take them into account. This is really a lot.

It is worth adding that even more potential endings appeared with the release of the fifth patch, which introduced the aforementioned epilogue into the game, with a lot of new dialogue options and solutions.

The head of Larian also said that a whole team was allocated to work on the endings that was analyzing potential scenarios for more than a year. "Yes, they did a certain job, and there was quite a lot of it". – Concluded Vinka.

Users PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S can get acquainted with all possible plot moves of Baldur’s Gate 3. The game came out on "Green" consoles in early December, however, the release was rather quiet. Larian has already confirmed that they will develop the game further in 2024.

Given how good the game is, then all this is excusable.

No. This is not excusable does not matter how good she is.

Everyone already knew that they lie about 17,000 endings.

There are only 16999 of them

Actually, almost immediately after the statement about 17,000 endings, the cuts went out and said that "Not so understood" And they explained the concept of the mentioned circle of several endings, and the hero gets from the edge of the circle with thousands of different ways, forming his adventure.

Is it a deception when the garbage was said and immediately corrected themselves? Don’t think. But no one will remember this and will whine

Only now this is not based on the result. For he says about all these minor decisions that supposedly affect, well, I can say that 4 thousand endings are in Follaut with such a situation .

So again, the phrase about thousands of endings was corrected on "Several endings [. ] With thousands of ways to come to them". What was healed with their thousands of endings!
Yes, with such logic and in Folych, probably (did not pass, but tried to master), you can go in different ways, but by 99% I am sure that everything is much larger and completely missing a creative approach

1000 endings are like 1000 planets.

it is like 10,000,000,000,000,000,000000000000000 planets TODA Howard)

All news about Larian and BG3 now:
[*] "The developers did something" — Oh miracle, cool! The developers are so great!
[*] "A new hotfix came out, which moved the barrel" — Oh, cool, developers develop the game and do not forget the players!
[*] "The developers, making the game, relied not at all on previous games of the series, but on games from completely different genres" — Oh cool! Developers of such well done, they can experiment! They are not afraid and do cool things!
[*] "The developers told the players that there are 100,500 endings" — Oh, the developers are cool! The game is super, because this is exactly what is variability!
[*] "The developers lied to players regarding content in the game" — All this is excusable to them, because it is not important in reality!
[*] "Sven Vinka went and poked in the toilet" — Wow, cool! It’s so cool that the developers are such cultural people, and behave so decent and cool!

News about Blizard / Hizard / Jubisoft /:
[*] "The developers have significantly modified the game, eliminating a number of critical problems with Abuz" — Fu, what is it! The developers are not the same as before, and in general the old guard has long gone, and these are not capable of anything!
[*] "The developers have significantly finalized the graphics and optimization of the game" — Fu, what is it! Why this was not at first? And in general, what is done by fierce g.!
[*] "The developers have published plans for the development of the game, which imply a damn lot of additions during the year" — Fu, what kind of nonsense?! Yes who needs it? Where is my dream game?
[*] "Developers gave all players tools for advanced modification of the game" — Seriously? They want the players to finish the game for them? Fu, what is it! Developers are not capable of anything!
[*] "Developers promised to support the game for at least ten years" — Fu, who needs it?

I described everything correctly, or I was mistaken in something? Correct? )))

difference in games)

Base, BG 3 of course a great game, but people have already gone right with a cuckoo and extol the game and develops how FIG knows who

Well, if we talk about PG, then yes. The game is on top, popular and loved, so people clip news for each sneeze, GTA 6 will come out the same crap will begin)
Blue, the gazebo, the ubsoft release mid -playing games, therefore, the news is dry, pure pacific, since there is nothing to discuss there at all.

That’s right. Classic herd instinct.

Well, you know, for example, I don’t like GTA at all, but GTA is just a few goals above Baldurs.

The endings are in the final katsen as the world has changed or that with the main character. And the sneezer there is to the side back and forth this is it and in Kittsen could not be stuffed.

I recall Fallut 3 and Toda with exactly the same statement and then an explanation.

I vaguely recall information about some crazy ends in the third folca. Either in the magazine of gambling, or on the box with the disk was this infa.

I had a dejavu – in the summer there was a conversation about it. Or in early autumn.

And as everyone believed at once, they licked the anus.

Okay, not 17000, but 17. This is also a lot)

17.000🤣🤣🤣 Why exactly 17, not 14 or 23. Grze Logic?😂

In fact game a piece of shit. I did not expect from the developments of such a weak game..broken balance, I am not completely killed..It is not interesting to play it. I am very sorry for 2k spent on her..And of course there are no many endings there. All this is a lie..Linean game to disgrace..

Well, I would not say that the game is a straight piece of shit.

She is clearly overestimated, but not such a fig game. On strong 7.5 balls pulls.

But about linear to disgrace – here I completely agree.

Excuse me, if BG3 and what games are not miserable then? What is its reassessment?

Let’s see the truth in person if you take a bald and any other modern role -playing game, then tell me the one in which there is everything that you are talking about and do not lie about the ease of the game, it is immediately clear that you played in the stories mode turn on the maximum level of difficulty, and see how you the unbearable takes out some kind of all -in goblin with an ordinary bottle of poison. The balance in the game was adjusted with patches, this is the problem of all games, then they do it then finish so that do not compare the first version from the one that they corrected six months focusing on the complaints of the players

1) The game has children’s dialogs. Straight as children’s as possible. And the elections are very stupid.

A simple example is at the very beginning, in one of the places you meet a goblins in a cage that they want to kill.

And a couple of minutes ago, you killed her relatives, she also considers you an enemy. In short, she is an enemy.

And you go into the room and see such a scene – they are trying to execute the goblinsha. And they give you three options to choose from – 1.nothing to do, 2.say that she would be killed.

And 3 option – to protect it with your breasts!

Instead of giving the player an option to just figure out what is happening here, he is forced to sacrifice himself, for the sake of a monster, an enemy and a stranger.

Nothing confuses? Where is the logic? From where this stupid option went? And where is normal, logical?

And such moments in this game are simply a huge number. Instead of logical answers and actions, they give you the most stupid.

2) NPS reaction – ID ** IOT. I’m not talking about the fact that your companions are suicide, who personally go into lava when you did not even press there.

But there are also stupid moments, such as the one when you save at the beginning a guilt from the inhabitants of the camp, who are afraid of her because of the appearance and you tell them that you will get rid of her, so they can leave her for you.

Instead, you save her and go to the same camp with her – and what is the result?

Everyone absolutely does not give a shit for its existence. Generally zero reaction.

And this is far from the only case.

3) There are a lot of bugs in the game and not okay. For example, inventory. Fucking inventory. For four and a half years – could not make at least normal inventory. Well, it’s funny.

4). NPS reaction system – and ** diots. You kill goblins or dwarfs, and ten meters from them they are calmly looking at their relatives and they do not care. After that, you calmly chat with them and even trading.

I liked the moment when I fought with dwarves in the dungeon and there were two merchants who chatted with each other. So, one reacted to the battle, and the other standing next to him, just continued to chat with him while I killed his friend. And in the end I sold this merchant, things of a person with whom he had just chatted.

Well, this is very realistic, especially for such a divine game.

5) romance! Well this is a kind of kindergarten. I’m just interested in me – and those who created this game, at least once talked with the opposite sex?

You do nothing, absolutely nothing, and absolutely everything falls in love with you, without looking at the floor. Well this is complete nonsense.

6) merchants – after their murder, 90% of the things that they had. That’s where they go ?

7) not a fatal regime – does not work at all. It was especially unpleasant at the end of the quest about the swamp and the yagu. (Although I am not sure with new patches whether this was corrected, but I recently asked a question about it and they told me that they didn’t fix it)

8) Cube – breaks the entire RPG system. I played with a blunt war, without a drop of magic and intelligence, but I calmly hacked things where I needed great intelligence or magic. And this applies to dexterity and so on.

9) quests – there is no one right here is a really interesting or unusual quest. Everything is very primitive and predictable.

One cool moment is when you go into the barn and there is a surprise.

10) I decided to somehow kill all the important Persians at the beginning of the game, immediately after the crash – and what is the result?

I broke the game. Part of the quests had fun, but this is not the joke.

And the fact that I killed the Persian, the section, and then I immediately resurrected – and logically, since this divine game, then I should immediately have to take revenge, wasn’t it so?

But as a result, she was absolutely careful for her that I killed her and the section. She calmly continued the same dialogue with me.

And this is a second – a representative of one of the highest races, according to the Black of the game, she immediately had to attack me again. But she did not care.

Raspers are not even able to follow their own rules.

And there are a lot of such moments in the game. And this for a minute is only the first act, which is considered the highest quality and interesting.

The game is full of idioma, bugs, and so on and it can not even closely be as divine as many people scream about it.

But the biggest minus of this game is the plot. It is predictable as much as possible, standard and bored.

I honestly – I could not master the second act. I went to Dol and Peres the first act, but to play in the second – it was necessary to become a masochist. Well, very boring.