Baldur’s Gate 3 is a game of almost boundless freedom, and we all know what this means: you can kill any NPC, to which hands will reach. As a rule, in RPG, the danger of murder lies in the fact that you can kill the one who is important for the further passage of the main quest, which is why you cannot advance further. But in Larian this provided for, creating backup copies of some NPC in case of their death and even backup copies for backup copies.

YouTubert Proxy Gate Tactician deeply (and bloodthirsty) studied the capabilities of tifling in the grove and discovered several interesting interactions.

Attention: Ahead light spoilers of the first act.

As a rule, if you decide to kill the leaders of the goblins, then Zevlor, the leader of refugees-plots, will invite you to a festive party. But if you kill Zevlor before, you will still receive an invitation – another tifling named Asharak, who will replace Zevlor, will act as a new leader. What if you kill and Asharak?

It turns out that there is someone third – CACIC, a character that you can meet only at the end of the story. And since in other cases she does not appear in the grove, it is impossible to kill her until this moment, so she is a reliable guarantee. Thanks to the use of such a system "replacing NPC" The developer guarantees that important events will continue and will be associated with characters that the player has not yet managed to kill.

According to the blogger, the Baldur’s Gate 3 system "Saves" Even guests of the party: if all guests are killed, the game will simply begin to replace them with backup copies, until it reaches the choice of those who have not yet been able to find during the adventure.

But the use of this system is fraught with some inconsistencies. For example, when you meet Caris at a later stage in the plot, she does not remember the player and continues to believe that Zevlor is alive. But the presence in the game of so many levels of protection against random actions, especially with unique dialogues, which are fully voiced and animated, is amazing. It is these little things that allow us to think that for many years we will find unexpected interactions and secrets in Baldur’s Gate 3.