Payday 3 developers want to create a crossover with "Strong nut" And "Batman", and also repeat cooperation with John Wick, having arranged a robbery in "Continental".

Over the years of its existence, the Payday series gradually became known for its crossovers and cooperation with various games and films. Among the most famous of them are John Wick, Tony Montana from "Faces with scars", Bill Overbeck from Left 4 Dead and Jecte from Hotline Miami, complete with dictaphone replicas.

In a conversation with Almir Listo, the head of the community/brand manager Payday 3, and the producer of the game Andreas Hall Penninger, the journalist asked them what they would like to see in the Payday universe in the future. Liste suggested "Toughie" with John McClein and Nedotomi Plaza, and he and Hell-Penninger agreed that Batman would be a great opportunity.

Listo said: "I have two options that I immediately come to – John McClain from "Strong nut", so that (Hans Gruber) could say: "This is John McClain, shoot the glass!" In Plaza Plaza. And then, of course, Batman. Imagine an ominous light, then Batman jumps down through the glass, you hear music, and then he just shoots you".

Hell-Penninger supported the thought of Batman, noting: "Yes, I like Batman’s idea. Imagine that you spent the whole season in Gotham City until you robbed the bank at night and suddenly saw Batsignal in the sky."

This is not the only potential crossover that Listo and Hall-Penninger talked about. Payday 2 players remember that one of the largest crossovers in this game was "John Wick", which came out just at the time when the first film was released. Now that the series has become massive, it seems that Starbreeze wants to return to this film and expand it, even suggesting that "Continental" can become one of the playable levels of the game.

Listo said: "Nothing is confirmed, but I think that everything is possible after starting. We mentioned that Payday 2 has more than 30 joint projects, including John Wick, and that we launched the character two days before the release of the first film to present it to the world. I think if everything goes well with Payday 3, I’m sure Lionsgate will be ready to talk about Mr. Wick".