CD Projekt Red has added new intra -game awards for supplement owners Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. You can get five gifts in the GOG service. For one of them (jacket), it is enough to have only DLC, two others (jacket and sword) are available to owners “Witcher 3: Wild hunt“, And two more (T -shirt and skin on weapons) can be obtained if you have an account in”Gwinta“.

In addition, developers give all owners of Phantom Liberty the original soundtrack with Low Fleil player Tapes of Night City. All awards are available, including for English players.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty was released on September 26 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. CDPR said that patch 2.0 and DLC have become the last large -scale updates of the game. In the near future, the studio completely switch to the development of the Cyberpunk 2077 sequel under the code name Orion.

In addition, developers give all owners of Phantom Liberty the original soundtrack with Low Fleil player Tapes of Night City

You can listen to this on the internet. They completely cerebrally there?😥

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Yeah, and the water in the church is holy. Okay, okay, I will not touch this topic (

Well, it’s stupid to explain the difference between mp3 and FLAC today. And there is also 24 bits (hi-rem).

Okay, persuaded, throw off my paid version)

I do not mind.
UPD: the link is no longer working, I will not update)

When adding a roach to the game💪

She is already there, all the cars are a horses from a witcher at a twisted speed

What is the point of adding clothes to the game, if the only place where it is visible is the character menu? Would then bring a view from the 3rd person

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Yes, yes, the sense of these outfits in the game from the 1st person. Even the gazebo in her games made a switch between 1 and 3 faces, but what to say, such a switch was even in Gothic, I remember. And these were too lazy

In the gazebo games, the third person is so disgustingly implemented that it would be better. Take the same Starfield at least. Like 2023, but in appearance from 3 faces this is not felt. The feeling that the gazebo was stuck somewhere in Oblivion and since then has not even tried to improve the crooked third party.

Here you say, they say 3 face was even in Gothic. But I will remind you that in Gothic 3 faces are realized qualitatively, unlike the gazebo games.

And in general, from 1 face, the dressing on the character is also visible in Cyberpanka, when you twist the city in the city or you participate in the battle. You have to climb into the inventory and you see the clothes again. In Cyberpanka, a view of 1 person is implemented gorgeous. 3 face is not necessary from the word at all. For the Poles were not too lazy and realized a chic 1 face. And the lazy gazebo in Starfield neither the 3rd nor the 1st did not do it normally. The gazebo did not make an elementary one, so that the camera stood up normally when talking two goals, constantly not to understand how the camera gets up. So praise the gazebo for 3 faces a very dubious business, in my opinion. Year of 2023 today. How the gazebo works, you can’t work today – this is disrespect for your audience, to your fans.