Following the plot trailer with the release date of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, a page in Steam appeared, which indicates a variety of information, including what languages ​​the game will be localized.

Thanks to this, we received confirmation that the game will receive an official translation into English..

Given how large -scale the role -playing game looks, it is not surprising that the cost of a standard publication is $ 69.99.

The reception of preliminary orders for Deluxe and Ultimate publication is officially opened. The first costs $ 84.99. and includes the basic game and the “perfect vacation” set, and the second – $ 109.99. and adds a collection of costumes to him and the set “Sudzimona and the resort”

Bonuses for pre -order also became known:

The collection “Helpers and a special profession”

Set “Helper House”

Thanks to this kit, you can increase the level and professional rank of participants in the detachment by 1.

It includes:
• set to increase the level (small) x1
• Set for the manufacture of items in the workshop (small) x1
• Set to increase professional rank (small) x1

* These consumable items give ordinary and professional experience to increase the level and professional rank of characters by 1.
* Pay attention: these items give exactly as much experience as necessary to increase, so it is better to use it when the characters are far from a new level or rank.
* Characters who have reached the maximum level or rank cannot use these items.

The set “Special Profession”

Thanks to this kit, two special professions are added – Linbecker and tennis player.

• Linbeker profession will be available to all male characters.
• The profession of tennis players will be available to all female characters.

* To open the Linbeker profession, Kasuga must develop confidence to level 6.
* To open the profession of tennis players, the kasuga must develop charm to level 6.

In the game Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Savashiro returns to report that the mother of Ichiban Kasuga, Akan, is still alive in Hawaii. However, after the arrival of Kasuga, it quickly turns out to be in trouble. This leads to the stage from the first trailer, where Kasuga wakes up on the shores of the Hawaiian beach. It seems that even in Hawaii for one reason or another, Yakuza’s active activity unfolds.