Chimera Entertainment reported that the first closed beta version of their rich plot of the strategic game Songs of Silence will be held on August 14. Register to request access, then join Discord to take part where you will get access to the secret channel before the start of beta testing.

The beta version of the Songs of Silence will consist of two different modes: there are the first two cards of the plot single campaign in which the young queen is looking for asylum for her people, or a single version of PVE. The mode in which you play on the cards of the fight against AI. Here, players can explore the world and game mechanics on randomized maps at their own pace.

Three biomes are available for this beta version-the bright side, the dark world and silence-each with a unique landscape, fractions, armies and tests. Players can test the 1000 Kingdoms faction, gaining access to dozens of different units to create their armies.

Songs of Silence also has a soundtrack from the legendary composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, best known thanks to the music for Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy 12 and Valkyria Chronicles.

Songs of Silence has both a single campaign and competitive multi -user modes. This is a strategic game with a rich plot, the action of which unfolds in two different fantasy worlds, which is threatened by all -acquiring silence. Songs of Silence is a unique combination of step -by -step control of the kingdom, research and development of heroes, contrasting with short and intense battles in real time.

Give free rein to your armies in exciting battles in real time and support them using powerful combat spells of your heroes. More than 100 different units are available, so you can configure your own army for your needs. Obligations are decisive and purposeful, lasts only a minute.