Digital Foundry published an in-depth analysis of the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 technical sector, promoting a new exclusive for PS5, created by the Insomniac Games. According to technological journalists, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 offers a graphic sector of the highest level and with obvious steps forward compared to previous games of the series. One of the simplest changes that is worth paying attention to the load time, which is practically not even when switching characters when moving from one end of New York to another.

By the way, the virtual large apple from the Insomniac Games has become even more alive and beautiful than ever. The population and traffic density are much higher than in the first part, and in the same way the details of the buildings are much more clear, geometry has been improved, more than the variety of materials and improved surroundings of the environment. And all this without any loading of objects, which is impressive in the game with the open world of this level.

The applause was also given the trace of rays present in all graphic modes and not disconnected, which in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was also used for reservoirs and visual effects, such as explosions, particles and new smoke, which, according to Digital Foundry, is the best The implementation of this technology in the open world on the console.

Digital Foundry also provided detailed information about various graphic modes available in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The main ones of them, namely the presents of quality and performance, with additional options for those who have a panel with an update frequency of 120 Hz.

The quality mode fixes the playground of the game of the game up to 30 frames per second and provides dynamic resolution from 1440p to 2160p. However, in performance mode, the frequency of frames increases to 60 frames per second, and the resolution ranges between 1080p and 1440p.

There is also a mode of 40 frames per second for screens with a frequency of 120 Hz, which, as usual, turns out to be an interesting compromise between the image quality and performance, so much so that the editors of the Digital Foundry prefers it.

As for VRR, there are three options: disconnected, smoothly and without restrictions. The latter option allows you to exceed the frame rate and reach an average of 65–85 frames per second in “performance” mode and 40-60 frames per second in “Quality” mode. Price – a drop in dynamic resolution, which can fall to 936p in performance mode.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be available from October 20, 2023 exclusively for PS5.