During the presentation of Ubisoft Forward, the developers of the coming 2.The Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown 5D platform presented another trailer and shared some details. In addition, during a story about his brainchild, a video was presented with a gameplay, where we were demonstrated how the main character overcomes many different obstacles, communicates with the NPC, and also fights with bosses and other less large -scale opponents.

The authors say that the combat system and other gameplay mechanics will not let anyone get bored. How will it really be, the community will be able to find out after the release of January 18, 2024. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

Prince Nigeria: Lost Crown.

Prince of Persia in Dreadnell?Ahaha.This is how the prince of Persia should look before conquering the same Arabs.

He should have looked like that. Persians as a people after the conquest did not disappear.

Not with the advent of Islam, changes began there and very strong and only with the advent of the Samanids began the revival of the culture of the Iranian peoples (which includes the Persians), but it was not completely revived.Take at least Zoroastrism for this religion for a long time was prohibited.In 1906, the state proclaimed a new constitution. In this Constitution, Zoroastrianism was not mentioned as religion, but it granted the Zoroastrians basic individual rights. They received these rights, because now they looked at them as people of the Iranian Empire. However, in practice, they were still not as equal as Muslims, and still faced difficulties.When in the 1920s the reign of Pahlavi began in Iran, they began to relate to the Zoroastrians more equally. Also at that time, nationalism began to emerge in Iran and Iran was born as a national state. For this new national state, Pahlavi chose a narrative in which the pre -Islamic era was glorified, and they actively promoted this narrative. The new national state and people have now begun to proudly relate to ancient history. Since Zoroastrianism is an ancient pre -Islamic religion, now it was famous as a historical and original Iranian religion. This changed the status of Zoroastrians from one of the most persecuted minorities in Iran to a symbol of Iranian nationalism. This concept was preserved until the Islamic Revolution of 1979.After the Islamic Revolution of 1979, a new constitution was also adopted in Iran. This new constitution recognizes the rights of recognized religious minorities, such as the Armenian, Assyrian and Persian Jewish communities, therefore Zoroastrism is still recognized as a religion in Iran, and its followers have certain rights. The new Constitution, for example, states that they are free to perform their religious rites and ceremonies.Zoroastrians are also involved in political life. Based on the 1906 Constitution, he allocated one place in the Iranian parliament. He is currently adhered. At the local level they are also active. For example, in 2013, the Sepant Nicknam was elected to the city council of Yesd and became the first Zoroastrian adviser in Iran.

And what? I’m talking about people, you all brought to religion. Change of religion does not mean a change of nationality. Persians like people have not gone anywhere. Like the Egyptians.

Actually, the replacement of faith, then names, and then a change of nationality, take first, take at least to familiarize the history of the Jews (your language "Sunday" Only in the 20th century) (the Egyptians have only Copts, those Egyptians were no longer.

Yes, it’s all nonsense. You can’t deceive genetics. The Arab conquest did not replace the indigenous population, and it could not be replaced – at the time of conquering it were large, crowded territories. Only in Egypt, the richest province, the granar of Rome, millions of people have already lived. Arabs have never been a numerous people. The desert is not able to feed a large population. And the army of Amra al-Asa, who conquered Egypt, totaled only 3 thousand people. Little for replacing the population.

Prince of Neflix

Guys. For you bad news, the game will cost 4800 standard version, the cheapest.
The most expensive 5800, you can buy now if you know how to find)

If you push away from the agenda, which in every presented game from Jubisoft this game is the only one where Jubisoft tried to do something new for themselves. Gameplay is the only game that interested me (I’m not a fan of platformers). But the price is 50 euros and Epicheims well, even that. Well, I wish them good luck

Jubisoft finally buried the series of Prince Persia, I hope this game fail in sales.

Ale, this is a maximum game for phones.

At what point we turned somewhere in the wrong place ?

Prince of Wakanda Yoman)))

600 pluses and 1200 disadvantages at the video, people suspect something

The game is not a prince of Persia, but Gayperia. This Jubikovskaya hat has nothing in common with the east. Let them play with their packs of geese, well, it can’t be paid off like that.

Prince with dreadlocks and tunnels), and what where are blue hair or ridiculous tattoos on the face? I am not even surprised in the trailer. I have not played games from Ubisoft for a long time, they do some kind of tender.

On the one hand, there was already one Prince of Persia, where the main character was not a prince. And on the other, I understand those who did not go shown – not this fans waited after 12 years of princely hunger

It seems to me or a video clip from the game at 10 fps is coming.

And the prince then became burnt and tanned, Spanish shame

There is so much heit in vain, the game looks very cool as an original 2D platformer. The creator of the classical version (which is also in 2d) was delighted. Who has passed all the parts and is not a nostalgic conservative, understands that the story has ended and there is no continuation (this is the same as taking off the continuation of the lord of the rings)

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