The premiere of the series "Fallout" will take place on April 12, 2024. This was announced on Monday, a day "Fallout Day".

The action of the series, in which Walton Goggins played the main role, takes place in a post -apocalyptic wasteland in 2077. After nuclear destruction, residents are forced to live in underground bunkers to protect themselves from radiation, mutants and bandits. The story begins "Shelter 33", One of these bunkers that occupies a prominent place in video games. The action of the series "Fallout" will also take place within the framework of the official canon of games.

I hope this will not be a romantic gay-drama and a nursery of blacks, and a normal story where the spirit of the first two parts will remain.

do not even hope

It will be, because what could be more important than in the conditions of post -apocalypse to suffer from gender identification and unrequited love. What food is there with water.

"Another settlement needs help." ©

In the series? Don’t think. Most often, the action takes no more than 30% of the screen time, the rest of the long conversations and walk.

Damn, I would be honest, I would like to watch the series, with the plot of Fallout 2, when GG leaves the bunker, the basement with rats, then the village where they give him a task, they say, find a brother a suitcase and will be happiness, and then hikes from the bunker to Bunker, cities and villages with whores, dug graves, clan enclave into which you will fall at the beginning of the game, although it is not far from the start of the game, eh, where my youth..😭

I’m just not clear to me how to look in the series implementation of the RPG system?🤔 Well, for example, pumping a character, because if any of the parameters is low, then when talking with other characters, some actions cannot be done, solved the task by force or outwitted, or for luck (which almost always helps out), and some tasks They will not give at all if special conditions are not fulfilled, about which you have no idea, but else, at the beginning of the game, you are dressed as a homeless person and run with a gun, but then the machines, plasma weapons, Gauss are rifles, flamethrower, machine guns, machine guns, machine guns, machine guns, machine guns, machine guns, machine guns, machine guns, machine guns Phasers, etc.D., The armor of the enclave, which transforms and makes GG Mega-Super cool, will they really miss all this in the series and GG will run all the series with a gun and in a leather black jacket, if so, I do not want to see such a series on Fallout😤