Grand Theft Auto 5, which recently celebrated the tenth anniversary, was recognized as the most profitable media product in the history of mankind, and among the likely competitors only the sixth is seen, which is still not announced. In any case, such an opinion is held by the actor Ned Luke, who gave his vote and appearance to Michael de Santte.

On the ten -year anniversary of GTA 5, he published a message on the social network of Ilona Mask X the following content:

Earlier, Sean Fontaino, who was hearing Franklin Clinton, starred in the same video with Brian Zamplela, who, according to rumors, played the role of the protagonist GTA 6. Such an abundance of news and gossip about the impending project is seen by the harbinger of the speedy announcement.

GTA 5 dispersed more than 185 million copies.

I never understood why such praises sang GTA 5. This part is much weaker GTA 4, SA and Vice City

After the purchase I played about 200 hours, I realized that this is not a game, but a brand. The plot is weak, the characters are uninteresting, the gameplay has become worse and does not develop, it is impossible to play multiplayer, t.To. Creating chaos. I play too overvalued. Last time launched 5 years ago somewhere.

+1 I completely agree! There is nothing to add.

GTA 4 Garbage technology for fans of series about bandits.

GTA 4 Excellent game, except for the fact that the rocks were picked up by the technical side of the game on the PC (I do not know how it is on consoles), they did not decently not turn the sandbox and different chips, like to kill/spare the NPS for example.

Most players have a very short memory and they forget to compare prevalizable promises with the final result, and the advertisers eat their bread for good reason- it is not possible for the company that a solid percentage of the total Games budget is often laid out for advertising for advertising. So we have lutboxes, 100,500 DLS, donates and "Beta versions" release games (and a couple more years after).

. in the head of those for whom these games are part of childhood/youth. In no case do I justify 5-ku (thanks to her I decided to buy the games from Rockstar anymore, and in general, the attitude towards the industry has changed), but it is not so bad against the background of GTA 4, SA and Vice City. At one time, for inexperienced players, these games gave a lot of pleasant impressions, because they brought something new, which was not there before, but if you look objectively, go out today, or simultaneously with 5, the game, like GTA 4, SA or Vice City, even without a claim to be called AAA-Project, then the lovers of nostalgia would have collapsed her rating because "The graphics are outdated", "The port of the curve", "In the game with the open world, the Persian does not know how to swim", "You can’t shoot from the car", "The world is empty", "NPS is stupid, monotonous and spawn before your eyes", "Dumb AI" and generally speaking "The game of the Krivoy GTA-Clon". WITH "depth" the plot is also quite simple: trite and uninteresting, because It was already. The more "old" the player passes the games, the worse for him new games, especially in the same genre, because almost everything has already been and bringing something really new is quite difficult, and the requests bar only grow. So "old people" 6-ku you can not hope much.