Perhaps Half-Life is already 25 years old, but passion and love for the famous series have not yet faded. A recent community event called Opposing The Bar demonstrated unshakable dedication of fans, since Half-Life Opposing Force, an addition to the game, set a record for the number of players in Steam.

The Opposing The Bar event, which took place on August 13, set its goal to surpass the previous record of 620 players, offering participants to play Half-Life Opposing Force for at least an hour. An event organized by community members known as "Radiation Hazard" And "NoClick", it was intended to unite fans and demonstrate their appreciation for the franchise.

In order to beat the previous record, only 621 players were required. However, the event exceeded all expectations. At the end of the Opposing The Bar, the game reached an amazing number of simultaneous players – 5,639 people. This is a huge triumph who broke the previous record and surpassed the goal set as part of the event.

This achievement testifies to the invariable devotion of the fan community of Half-Life, despite the long absence of a new release. Despite the fact that Valve’s commitment to the franchise remains uncertain, the community continues to love and wait for the new part of Half-Life.

Coorganizer "NoClick" He expressed his delight on Twitter, saying: "We did it". Content creator Valve and public account "Lambda Generation" He also joined the celebration, assuming that such an attempt will be made for another expansion of Half -Life – Blue Shift.

For avid fans of Half-Life, yearning for the nostalgic times "Boomer", There are still many pleasant impressions of the best old games. And if you are interested in what happened to Half -Life 3 – a game that has become legendary during its absence – you can hope that it will ever appear.