When the first episode of The Expanse a Telltale Series is no longer far off, Telltale and Deck Nine again immerse us in the science fiction atmosphere of an interactive adventure with the help of an ever-relevant plot trailer that precedes his launch.

The video from the developer from Colorado opens the window into the universe of the narrative and the content of the adventure taking place in the measurement of the television series of the same name, introducing us to the characters, scenarios and events of the new cosmic Odyssey from the creators of The Walkind Dead.

The interactive experience that we have to survive in the role of Karim of the drummer will be dedicated to the exploits of this decisive adventurer, who went to the edge of his belt with his handful raiders in order to reveal the secrets of mysterious treasures. In accordance with the traditions of all the games, Telltale, The Expanse promises to be especially multilayer, with many characters with which you can interact, and a plot full of turns.

The first episode of The Expanse a Telltale Series will be available from the near July 27 on the PC, as well as PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, and the subsequent plot chapters will be released every two weeks from the moment of the debut of the original episode.

In the video, a lady kissing a lady? Well, no thanks, I definitely don’t need this storyline.

In fairness, the main character is the drammer’s fireplace on the canon of bisexual and polyamorphic. Another thing is that for sure the choice of it fell, including for these "Merit", and relations with the crew a priori create the necessary variability. Especially recalling the words of the authors that any Persian can die in the game, except for the main thing, will replace and console someone.

Well, you think that in the original her bisexuality was not a summons?In general, the space in my opinion is one of the best series of recent years.Take off all this parachu and the series from there.

It is strange that they showed this in the trailer, large companies, on the contrary, do not show this to the last trailers, it is already recognized in the course of the game when you have already played a certain time and you cannot make a return in Steam))

The original is generally a series of books, and so all this "The agenda" It has existed since time immemorial, even before the life of the ancient Greeks.

There is nothing pretentious in the series, everyone sees what he wants or is afraid to see. The relations there are justified by events, the scene and in general the mentality of Astroyan. They do not rush to the embrasure and occur by the way. For some reason when in "Most Instinct" (The film is already three decades) The heroine enters into both relationships with a man and a woman – everything is delighted. Cult film, and t.D. And here the agenda is immediately, that is, this heroine, by the sediment and tough, we do not leave a chance to be vicious, although we are talking about the distant future, in which they often draw and not that, a closed ship in space, where it is generally difficult to find a partner, and simply social perception, in which this is considered ordinary.

The agenda is when from a normal hero, to please the interests or for the greatest demand in certain circles, they make an unusual. A number of writers or directors are now trying to be in the trend, often weaving everything "progressive" on the run. Either this is originally sculpted to comply with certain criteria and new norms, here I did not notice such a deliberate and caricature. In ordinary life, there is a place for this. Once again, that in the last telel well, that probably in the new is not angels, it is difficult to stay outside, when everyone around is also acting, they try primarily for their market. I remember that even in the walking they dragged the topic, but here everything successfully coincided for them.