F1 23, the next part of the popular series of racing simulators from the Codemasters studio, dedicated to competitions in Formula 1, has become available today for PC and console Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S, Xbos Series X and PlayStation 5.

According to the Opencritic website, the average rating exhibited by industry media is 84%. Thus, F1 23 received the best reviews than last year’s release.

I will hope for repetition of embarrassment with F1 22, when they accidentally deleted Denuva in one of the patches.

In addition to Sijiai, the KAT scenes of this part, I do not see the difference with F1 2015, which was distributed in Steam in 2018.

Since then, they added a career for 10 seasons, pilots transfer, the change of alignment of the teams by technical pumping, changing the technical regulations (resetting components of pumping), rating online, cross -playing, reiterating, mode of creating their team, plot mode, etc.D. and t.P. Well, if you don’t play and do not go through, then of course there is no difference.

In 2015 there is a seasonal career, there is a multiplayer and a rating for it, there is a cross, there is a company by teams, there is a transfer, there is "Lyalistic physics and the destruction of car.

I personally do not see to buy a new part every year due to updating the composition of the teams, I will be enough for 2015, for a fan yes, enough. In my opinion, it is better to release F1 game and each code update of the compositions of commands and tracks to roll out in additions.

You don’t understand what you are talking about then, or confuse with another F1. There is no career in F1 2015, only one season, there is no rating (sorting players by pinches), there is no cross -country (joint play with PC and consoles, this was added only to F1 22), etc.D. There was none of this in F1 2015, it is the worst and poorest game of the series, which is why it was distributed for free.

The game has a division for the 2014 and 2015 season, which has its own nuances

Cartoon rating system is

The game was not divorced for free because "small saturation", It was an action to involve old or attract new players in the game. She was sold before and after distribution.

It’s strange that your other parts that "Better in saturation" In addition to F1 2022-2023, they are no longer sold in Steam (

Here we can say that it is you who do not understand what you are writing, it has the one who has an opinion from yours and you have spread from it, because how can it be that you do not like the game, while others like it?! This is how it happens in the world, and I don’t understand so much that I have some "Factics", which I apply, and you only tell fairy tales.

You still do not understand what you are writing about without really playing. There are two seasons in the game, but you can only go through one of them at a time in a real pilot without creating your character. Career is 10 seasons with pumping car, changing teams and transfers for your own character. This was added with F1 2016 and gradually improved and expanded every year after that. The rating system is not a time trial at times on a circle, but a division of cleaning cleanliness when selecting players for racing. The game automatically selects players in ratings – a, b, c, d, s, where s is the cleanest, and d is the most "filthy". This was added only to F1 2018.

Old games are removed from the sale, as EA bought Codmaster in 2021 and removed the old parts. No more free distributions, only sales of the two latest.

I laugh as you did not play and do not know anything, but you build a connoisseur from yourself. You troll, yes?

Instead of a domain of Dirt, Dirt Rally and Project Cars, the code forced to print this conveyor like FIFA.I hope for EA in hell a separate boiler is ready for the offices that have been destroyed.

Codmaster has been made F1 since 2010, no one forced them. Arcade Dirt 5 and Project Cars 3 completely failed and came to a dead end, so they were canceled. Dirt Rally transformed into WRC 23, which will be released this year.

I would not say that these games are bad, arcade races are also needed.From this situation, the conclusion suggests itself that players do not want to pay for good games, let it and with the same shortcomings, but for one and the same conveyor is the norm every year. OK.

I myself buy F1 every year on a release and look forward to a new part, because they are endlessly re -playable for hundreds of hours in the single and online, since this is an immersion simulator, races and RPGs at the same time, and games like Pikars 3 and DIRT are designed for the final passage in 20 hours and they have no interest (for me).

What is shit there as usual?

Yes. Early access for the pre -ordering Deluxe started three days ago, there is no pirate.