The evolution of the video game has repeatedly led us to the fact that we became witnesses of hybrid products, borrowing elements from games of different genres: in particular, a special source of inspiration was role -playing games, which are now assimilated in almost every game.

At least, Todd Howard thinks so: Bethesda over the years of its existence has become one of the leading creators of the role -playing games, and that is why Starfield’s exit to PC and Xbox was looking forward to. Nevertheless, the game was waiting for a great success in terms of the number of users, but probably not the one that the developers counted on. In Steam, she even became the worst game Bethesda. Perhaps precisely because of overly high expectations.

During a conversation on the podcast Game Maker’s Notebook Todd Howard, the head of Bethesda Game Studios, admitted that he was convinced that now almost all games have RPG mechanics. For the same reason, even some inner admiration appeared that Starfield would be able to revolutionize the genre, and there was no understanding from the fans that RPG is now everywhere.

I think that everything can be attributed to the genre [RPG]. I cannot find a game in which there were no XP points and levels. You can choose anything. It turns out a kind of some synthesis.

Indeed, it must be admitted that Todd Howard is right: at present, many games have implemented the possibility of improving and improving by accumulating enough experience, which was previously inherent exclusively by role-playing games, and now almost all genres are integrated into almost all genres.

In this regard, the creator of the game turned to his fans with the question:

What does the game do "classic" role -playing game?. I think that if you are a fan of the old school role -playing games, then you will have your own set of rules to answer this question. I love this genre for the fact that anything can be in it. It can be action, there may be something else, other game elements may appear. You can even make a racing game that will turn into RPG, I don’t know.

Further, Todd Howard emphasized that in Starfield they deliberately added various game elements, for example, shootings in space, which specially made "stupid" – It is in order to give the game its uniqueness and not to tie it to a specific definition of RPG.

This approach, according to the director, taking into account the modern development of the gaming industry, it hardly makes sense to continue.

Hrenov clown. If only someone took and said: "Yes, we crap".

Most likely, they were not going to do something normal, but they wanted to stupidly go on hype.

Where is it with you? She was crap everywhere, on Reddte simply whole branches were demolished, with a hat to the game. Make a selection on reviews in Steam

You read the official Discord channels of Starfield and the Vizdes as a whole, read Redid, there is just a sea of ​​negativity abroad towards a hollow Starfield.

And what’s good in "basis"? The basis is just a void in which there is absolutely nothing to do, with a bunch of unnecessary useless mechanics that are for a checkmark. I scolded an atomic Hart for this, where there are no idea about the game design at all, I now scold the Starfield for this. This is that "the basis" With far -fetched "NASA-panka" which is supposedly with an emphasis on realism, where there is an alien fauna, but there is no longer a single reasonable, alive and developed alien civilization in the entire galaxy, but there is "Star" which do not sew to pi ** e sleeve. And also ventilation at the stations on planets where there is no atmosphere, instead of a closed oxygen system – apparently the fruit of consultants from NASA. But "The real astronauts on the real moon were not bored".

Quests – the worst in the entire gesture in principle. The quests of the fractions are good only in the conditions of Starfield himself, stupid because Main quest is just Beliberd about anything, no more.

Cities are those 4 "cities" In size, smaller than one Knit-City district in the world with total overpopulation for such planets where billions of people should live, but in the end we have good if a couple of thousand people per galaxy.

Next Generation PC Game © Seller Skyrim about Starfield

Excuses went) this is not Starfield bad, the rest of the games came out too successful)

Rest? Yes, right now, most of the offends will fly to Baldurs Gate 3! AGAIN!😆

When I read this news I thought "Come on, Gavkni are also aside bg3")) I would have neighing, but I would not be particularly surprised)

Duck would also make RPG)) what does the Starfield have to do with it?

But the developers of Baldur’s Gate 3 even transferred the release so that Starfield not to compete. Now guess out of fear or out of pity =)

I never played step by step, and then he began to play this game, the game moves very slowly, but a very tense and interesting game, you go ahead and with horror think what surprise you expect))))
And in Starfield you run and nifiga nothing happens, then the chatter is empty and endless. A lot of water was mixed in Starfield, both by study-radiation and dialogs.

Yes, in theory, they did everything right and so. I don’t understand at all why to arrange this great battle from new products every fall. For the sake of thrill except perhaps

And learned "Nedorpg", "Nedukshon", "Undercomes" and t.D.

An example of how the gazebo wanted to sit on several chairs, but it was possible to sit only on a bottle

I think that everything can be attributed to the genre [RPG]. I cannot find a game in which there were no XP points and levels.

Here is the solidness of the wretchedness of the gazebo games from the point of view of Rolepley. They simply do not understand what RPG is, for them it is just a game with pumping.

Well, it happens when you spend time and money and effort more on advertising than development

I suppose to continue to expect something suitable from this indie studio from this indie

RPG = Role Play Gaming

I think that everything can be attributed to the genre [RPG]. I cannot find a game in which there were no XP points and levels. You can choose anything. It turns out a kind of some synthesis.

Todd strips XP and levels only part RPG

Warren Spector considers the main characteristic of computer role -playing games the possibility of wagging the role, and gives it the following definition

Watering the role is not huge numbers and the study of randomly generated worlds with buildings filled with boxes. Watering is not the performance of random tasks and battle every sixteen steps. These are not even swords of instant critical blows +37, inflicting double damage when attacking behind.

Watering is a player’s freedom to act at his discretion as part of the history we proposed. Watering the role is the development of characters in unique and significant directions, which is the result of the player’s decision. This is an opportunity to calmly try out models of behavior before transferring them to the real world.

Maddyson Naabuzi 300 LVV passed all the quests and played a little less than 100 hours . Now think about who will sit there longer . Yesterday, here he met a man for 17 hours in Watch Dogs2 played . MB is also RPG

finally, in theory, these are game rules open to the player and the ability to get a variable gameplay based on the skills of a character from his game.
In a jester, the usual rule is closed and you understand by eye and feelings how much pain is brought to enemies. And there is no influence of the character skills or they slightly and clearly prevail the player’s skills in the gameplay. And so in the Duma Profice Minigan found and became PVFFFFFF, Minigan ended with a piston running.

just someone to fall off that RPG is about the plot and dialogs and who is about the Bilds of the Persians. On the RPG Dell himself, this is a construct from gameplayed mechanics and, with the phrase of the RPG, a person should have an approximate picture of the Igor from the experience of past RPG Igor in order to play the RPG Ira. He fell RPG and not strategies, cosmosyms and other football simulators.

In Starfield’s ties, I answered each proposal of plot paycomes in the spirit "I do not need it", "I want to back to the mine", "Go to the dup" – zero attention: non -pains simply forgot about my presence, they decided among themselves what I would do next, and they wrote it down to my magazine.
RPG, May Ass ((

He would have to hide deeper and frantically finish the game with patches, bring into a playable state, like NMS outfits at one time. But no, he is trying to make a good mine when Bad game And more and more with every new interview will disgrace. While fans are finished for him.

He would be in politicians, right to the presidency of the United States at once.

Development (degradation) of the genre. Gospadi, Todd, buy Skyrim 2 times if you are held captive and forced to say nonsense

Well, the genre is developing, but not by its efforts 😂

In connection with the current development of the RPG genre

What the fuck is development?) For ten years everything is trampled in place.

He is pinching or thinks that someone is really taking his nonsense for the truth?

I think that everything can be attributed to the genre [RPG]. I cannot find a game in which there were no XP points and levels. You can choose anything. It turns out a kind of some synthesis.

Todd, stupid, RPG – this is a wig, not glasses and levels)

Starfield Top Game, if not playing it

He does not know what a role -playing game is.

How Toddy wanted to earn Lard in his craft and led the root of his life to his fans on their enthusiastic faces, so the people repaid him the same – showed the road with a middle finger on which he could go to his parents: in and on!

It is difficult for someone to admit that his studio has been stuck in 2015 and since then a trait has not changed in her approach to the development of games. And there are also some individuals who protect this creation. The game turned out below the average, it would be released in the 15th year, it would be good, but this creation does not reach the title of good game to the present time, it is simply not bad.

Without many words : "Todd, this time you could not."

Todd again issued the base.

I will quote the classic of football thought – "Your expectations are your problems"

Who remembers the advertisement of chewing gum – "Sometimes it’s better to chew than to say".

Too tall? T.e. To make at least some progress in your game design is already too high expectations? Understand.

Remove 1000 planets for example, because I still did not understand which 10% of them were more or less worked out, no one told, all the same. And you need to somehow begin to redo dull. Why was to pump the skill for the condition. In general, the list can be continued, you need to redo the game as Fallaut 76, which by the way brought to mind more or less.

Pumping for conditions is only half the trouble. If the player masters the craft skill, then in addition to the grind of conditions, it is also necessary to do a study for resources on the workbench of each garbage separately (yeah, study of the manufacture of new types of stools and posters, etc.). The pumping system as in some kind of MMO is maximally stretched, only apparently Todd forgot that there is a single

Were so high that they decided to leave the game to the fans 🤣🤣🤣.

Released hack and now suffers

"shootings in space that specially made "stupid" – It is in order to give the game its uniqueness and not to tie it to a specific definition of RPG" .Bravo Todd, otmazed.That is, the game was conceived with stupid blanks and you can’t comprehend the great plan of Todd.Advertised the game as the coolest RPG-cosmosim, but in fact, how they made a boot simulator and do so.

BG3 is to blame for everything, he set the RPG too high bar

He created one universe and here I have no questions.

He crap the second universe, on the finished crawl.

The third universe could not, hesitated

One victory and two threesions.

Toddy retire.

Good game. I have a high

I also thought so, while the Vanguard’s branch and a branch of the pirates passed, well, it was about 10-15 hours, and then the carriage turned back into the pumpkin, and then rotted and exploded.

I remember the times when Mordovind has just come out, and all the mods riveted to him, and then one day in the store I bought a disk with some kind of cool (according to the description) mod that added a whole continent and a long plot. As a result, I come there, I see a huge and empty location, with 3 small quests. This is what I mean – Todd Howard would be proud of that moder.

According to Todd Howard, Starfield expectations were so high in connection with the current development of the RPG genre

Or maybe because I promised too much.

Yes, it’s good already, is it really not clear to anyone that the game is specifically in the NVIDIA video cards inserted. The Reds are poorly sold here and paid for such a marketing move, and it turned out to be a fugout in a puddle. Forget and discuss the really cool game Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. I gathered such a build there, that I myself will demolish everything at the highest level of complexity) I can also send scripts.

Well, as he wanted, to release Oblivion 5 times in other decorations with words and so will go?

Captain Evidence Bl. This is a type, if the BMV concern replaced its entire lineup with something like that "Lada Kalina", and then he began to call the berths of dissatisfied customers who were waiting for something more.

In general, there is a feeling that Starfield’s outfits made their game, looking towards the elite Dangerus and NMS.

Like, against their background, the game will look decent. Only the elite came out in 2014, NMS after the release is continuously saturated with content.

Starfield had to be released 8 years ago, then it would be nothing like that.

That is, they took the worst of the elite Dangerus and NMS?

From elite empty planets

From NMS shit flights on the ship

Given the curvature of the gazebo, not so high. But the exhaust was even worse than expected.

Tod Howard said … I didn’t read further

There was a phrase at one time, I don’t remember who exactly said her: Hines sauce or Todd himself "Buy Skyrim", The meaning seemed to be that the arbor did not like the fact that "They are perceived only as developers of tes and fall" And so they want to do something new and prove that it is not so. This craft they proved that only Tesy and Fallchi can do it. I’m talking about. It would be better if Todd made scrolls 6 and did not get fucked up.

Okay, RPG elements but otherwise Todd was also like this:

And now models are completing, all hope is on them

In general, no hopes.Game slag.And buying a game at random today is very risky, and even more to continue to chew this product after what I saw.Cross for a long time on the gazebo. Capitalism and here behaves legally.The system of eternal growth. Monthly. quarterly..annual.And each segment should be better than the previous.This led to that. that it was just expensive to do normal. For this is a long time.And then also roll up worthy.

The water is transparent, it is dark at night, in winter snow

You will see the bottom of the river in the city? Not all water is transparent

You will see the night at the North Pole? There are days when the sun does not sit at night

Will you see snow in Africa in the winter? There is a climate with winter without snow

Non -respected Todik lay your snout and go to retire from you like from an old fur coat only the smell of Naftalin

The most anticipated are the most failure games: D

Well, I waited the most this year BG3. I am happy in general. Although Starfield was also waiting, and then I will indignant.

Yes. yes. Therefore, in an effort to cut the dough quickly, not a game was released, but a continuous flaw. On the principle: and so it will go away, but modern can be finished.

I think that everything can be attributed to the genre [RPG]. I cannot find a game in which there were no XP points and levels. You can choose anything. It turns out a kind of some synthesis.

So we reached the point of half -life, in which everything is nothing. So they decided that the RPG genre does not exist, and the dulks with the glasses of experience, which are the definition on Wikipedia, is a lifting.

It was necessary to stay within the framework of Action-RPG, then something would come out much better than it happened in Starfield. It was possible to do without space flights and focus on the plot. There, in the Mass Effect trilogy, it turned out, which prevented the same pathsda paths? And so they bit more than they could chew. There were already other outfits trying to cram several large genres in one game – the results were always not very. The space simulator can be with RPG elements, but in the Action -RPG, the cosmic simulator is also a bad idea – a bad idea.

He began a fairy tale about the fact that marketers are to blame as with cyberpunker 1 in 1 situation and not a forefront of crooked

Well, of course, the expectations from the game were high when the head of the studio spent every six months on Twitter and the star about 1000 planets and other delights of space life. It was necessary to fan less on their ideas and delve into a technical component more, otherwise it turned out to be a regular Skyrim in a futuristic bag, no open world and other revolutions. Now it complains that the fans misunderstood and did not appreciate, the classic! The next time you must first fulfill the promised, and then stare about new horizons and high expectations. But it is unlikely that Todd will make something out of this, smile everything on advertising and once again throws responsibility for users-images.

Another guundezh from Howard. Govik, sometimes it’s better to chew than to say. Crap – correct.

Therefore, they did "Oldskoe RPG in the style of Betzds"! Only hardcore! Better to be silent than to make excuses.

Blackflag would not be better touched at all these clowns. and handed over to the left developers. so as not to kill a series. I haven’t downloaded their game anymore for a long time.Even in the torrent free.Everything is the same in them. and boring.Dumb began to make games generally. Graphics in many are normal. But everything else is a slag like that. that, as it were, the graphics does not matter.And for some reason they all think that super graphics in stupid and boring games are success.Beautiful g. but the exposition of this I use for such games.

That is, high expectations are not their fault? Hmm, Todd’s all around are to blame: the RPG genre overthrew expectations, players with weak computers did not update iron, blah blah

Expectations from the game were ordinary. It was immediately clear that it would not be an opponent of Star Citizen or what would be at least better than No Man’s Sky, and the game turned out to be worse than terrible. Empty monotonous locations \ planets, uninteresting gaples, a bunch of bugs, problems with optimization, the quality of graphics with soap textures of fire and earth do not agree with the stated system requirements and of course, recharge through each door in 2023. All this left just magical impressions on 4 \ 10.

Indeed, it must be admitted that Todd Howard is right: at present, many games have implemented the possibility of improving and improving by accumulating enough experience, which was previously inherent exclusively by role-playing games, and now almost all genres are integrated into almost all genres.

Pa my tendency began about 10 years ago and about 5 years ago was already a sufficiently established practice. From the point of view of RPG, Starfield is probably making progress over past games, but a series of mechanics in the form of testing for pumping seems controversial and somewhere I saw the mechanics like you kill goblins – you better kill goblins. And in principle, this is the development of the ideas of the gazebo when you wave a sword and get on the enemy you download a sword when you fly and knock you swing acrobatics. Well, the beam is probably a magical generated, but the genre of science fiction involves something else than the lout from diabla and most likely we will have with industrial weapons and not artisanal and even within its framework some kind of bonus + 3 to inflammation or accuracy looks like a very strange crap.
And in general, it seems like the yoke has not been brought to mind. There were many possibilities of what could be developed, but for one reason or another this is not and not the fact that it would work and would not require another couple of years to bring.
But most of all for me was the unexpected howl and heit that 30 FPS and loading. It was always the case and Eka is a surprise. Perhaps this was caused by Todd beckoned players of acquaintances with a non -courageous sky and star passport. Regarding the plot, I remember the couple such a seething at the time of F4 when the flashuts did not think that the Negas was showing the gazebo how to make games for followers, but as a result it turned out a full -day F3 with jokes and jokes. Honestly, I somehow thought that it was possible to close up the plot without strangers and all sorts of Kthulhu and it would be something about disassembling between new young human becoming civilizations in space, but it was really boring not if I did not come up with it. Therefore, Gre, Grey, as it were, eat strangers, which we do not see directly and this is, as it were, a touch to a certain secret and at the same time it is not exceeded into the plot about the world conspiracy and paranoia of all sorts of Kthulkhu and at the same time does not roll into the next cosmoore by the type of Babylon 5 with all sorts Alienes with cheap make -up or in starting with the race of Muslims of soldiers and logical elves and other aliens with some kind of hyperbolized human chip developed to the cultural deformation of the species. Otherwise, it would be extremely boring to deal with the galaxy of some kind of cultural remnants and various philosophical concepts that Todd used to say – imagine that it will cost several times more expensive and longer for production whether you would realize this? Therefore, some kind ofhore.

On the other hand, really did not have to have overstated expectations, but now how much those whose expectations have not been met in the comments stinks)

But, who is familiar with the traditions of the gazebo, was not particularly surprised that, as usual, the game would finish the models.

But, who is familiar with the traditions of the gazebo, was not particularly surprised that, as usual, the game would finish the models.

With such traditions, they will soon begin to sell the engine and script for you, moreover, the cost of two, or even three games, will see how you will then begin to sing in unison with corporations, about some traditions there, the main thing was the main Toddik, I threw bait to experiment

And again the product of the gazebo (in its original form) is nothing good of itself. You can boldly score him until it passes (at least) 5 years. And then we will enjoy this g. 💩 project, overwhelming it hundreds 🌟 mods.

Well, yes, yes, the expectations were overstated (≧ ≦ ≦)

Well, what are you. No one even suspected that there would be problems (´ ε `)

RPG is not where there is development, but where you can play the role. In the classical sense.

In the current, this is where there are several different characters with development.

Toddy continues to burn with diarrhea xD)

Oh, how the ass is still on the headfield’s haters, it’s just a laughter, the game has become successful at all, but the haters are still trying to prove to everyone in the world how bad and empty, so they would not put them in the word, in the word "Empty" (And it can be any of their personal, unleashed Wishlist, which they themselves invented)

You are a subdik in each topic defy this kull =)

Wake up again . Stop crap

To your and the information of Todd, the strips of HP and levels are not in any way from RPG

Sea battle is also RPG . This is deciphered as Role Play Gaming and not Poloska HP Gaming

You are a dodik in every topic you go this masterpiece =)

Wake up again . Stop giving

To your and the information of Todd, the strips of HP and levels are an indicator of the RPG, especially with local pumping in Starfield, it is just the same, but you didn’t even play the game, but you already stick out your grocery of thought!))

Sea battle is RPG? There are strips of hp . Ships and lvl are .

And about RPG style races ? The Forzu has a pumping of a car and a strip of experience

And I like Starfield, here the next comment wrote in her defense. Skyrim in space is OK, and problems will finish patches and fashion. There are also interesting quests, not the level of cyberpunk, but all the same OK.

Well, given that Cyberpank game is higher than the average in terms of quests and plot)) it turns out the Starfield below the skirting board?) Well, the fact that out of 20 quests 2 cool is of course a good game and there is no dispute) but it’s funny when Todd justifies his Vytr) he says that new games are all so cool and you were high and you have expected something unrealistic from us, those The time is a witcher 2 (20xx xs of which years) and there, if the color filter is tuned, so she will give the Starfield right now. Thank God this garbage was in a gamed and I did not have to buy it in 30 hours, I still did not understand why I play it. They must pay for this.

Not in terms of side quests Starfield 100 goals higher than Cyberpank, however, the main quest sucks in Starfield, even in its own sideways.