The second part of the game barely managed to go out, as the conversations about Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 have already begun, albeit so far in a completely hypothetical manner, but already causing enthusiastic responses by Insomniac, whose creative director said that "It would be epic", If the third part was in the development of the team.

Taking into account the success of the series, it is easy to assume that Sony intends to continue " milk" Spider-Man, who became almost an icon PlayStation. On Friends Per Second Podcast, the creative director of the InSomniac Brian Intighar replied to a very "hypothetical", As the journalist noted more than once, the question of the possibility of developing Insomniac and Marvel’s Spider-Man 3. And the answer was definitely positive – this is all that they have at the moment.

"If Spider-Man 1 and Miles Morales were similar to our iron man, and Spider-Man 2-to the Civil War, then where, according to the logic of things, we will move on? I think it would be very epic. But let’s see", – Said the intigar.

In a word, the PlayStation Studios team is obviously not yet tired of the series and would love to develop a third part of the main series, creating three games about Spider-Man from 2018 to 2023 with amazing constancy.

Obviously, it’s still very early to talk about a new spider-man, nevertheless, given the positive mood of the intigar, we can assume that Sony will most likely be happy to further develop the video game about superhero, although, possibly, to some of the ordinary users would like Insomniac to work on new IP or return to Resistance.

The original Spider-Man from 2018 was dispersed by a circulation of more than 33 million. copies, and great hopes are entrusted to the sequel. In fact, no one should be surprised if the third part is announced in the future.

Insomniac Games is also developing a game about Wolverine, and in the future, perhaps a game about Venom. At the same time, Insomniac is part of Sony, so its future games will most likely become an exclusive for PlayStation platforms at the start, and subsequently can reach a PC.