Patch 2.7 for Diablo 2 Resurrected is already on the way, as Blizzard is preparing to launch the fourth season of its remaster version of the classic Arpg. This last update is released just before the date of the beginning of the fourth season, which is scheduled for May 4, and includes several pleasant bonuses for an assassin and druid, as well as one change that can be of great importance, especially for those who love multiplayer.

Since the Diablo 4 release date is no longer around the corner, this season will be the last season Diablo 2 Resurrected before the new era of the lutus. As always, the beginning of the 4th season is an opportunity for players to start everything from scratch and prove their skills by bringing their favorite class to the 99th level faster than everyone else.

All players will become available 4 additional cells for the character in all network modes, which means that you do not have to delete your old characters to take part in season 4. In addition, now at the first entrance to the non -non -navigation game for the rating character from the previous season, the opportunity to drop points of characteristics and skills in Akara is restored. The change does not apply to characters from previous rating seasons that have already entered the Nervitating Games.

As always, the objects stored in your cache after the end of the season will be available from your cache in a nervous game. However, after the beginning of the fourth season, you will lose access to all objects from the second season of the stairs that you have not yet transferred to a regular cache, so make sure that you have done it now if you have something left.

The update also makes a key change to the system of intervals between hit hit dlavia, which now acts only on shells of the same skill. T.e. This allows certain skills to get into one enemy in a quick sequence, while earlier a common kuldown acted on them.

As for the above -mentioned improvements of the assassin, the effects that increase the abilities caused by the abilities from the elements by percentage, now allow the assassin traps to apply more damage. As for the Druid, now they can directly move from the appearance of the wolf to the appearance of the bear and vice versa, what should make bonuses from both forms are much more smooth – fantastic news for those who use the rune word "Metamorphosis", introduced last season.