After the acquisition of Microsoft by Bethesda Zenimax Media for $ 7.5 billion in 2021, it was confirmed that the upcoming science fiction role of the studio will be released for Xbox Series X/S and PC, but not for PS5.

On Thursday, the Bethesda Publishing boss Pit Hinnes spoke about the exclusivity of the game for consoles during the Microsoft trial against the US Federal Trade Commission, which is trying to block the Activision Blizzard proposed by the Xbox manufacturer for $ 69 billion.

After two publicly declared delays, Starfield’s exit is scheduled for September 6, but it would not be so if the game was also developed for PS5 from Sony, he said.

Answering the question, Starfield would be released this year if it had not been exclusive for Xbox and PC, Hines said (decoding of journalist Derek Strickland): "In my opinion, no, this game would not have been released in nine weeks if we supported a completely different platform".

"Concentration on a smaller number of platforms has become a great advantage for this team", – He added. Exit on several platforms means that "it will take more time, it will cost more. In my opinion, this is a much greater risk".

This month, the head of the Xbox Game Studios Matt Boti told Giant Bomb that if Starfield had been released now, then in it "There would already be the least mistakes than in any game Bethesda".

Boss Xbox Phil Spencer also told the site that Starfield had to go out much earlier before Microsoft acquired Bethesda and put off the game twice.

He said about Bethesda: "The team definitely matured. They have Fallouts, Skyrims and Elder Scrolls behind them. When the deal was completed, this game was planned for an earlier term than the one that we first outlined for Starfield. We met with Todd and the team and explained that we want to give them time".