Recently, Remnant 2 has been causing violent reviews from fans due to frequently encountered problems with game performance. Recently, on Reddit, the developers presented a detailed response to criticism, which states that the game was created taking into account the technology of apskayling. In other words, the game will not be able to reach the maximum productivity threshold even on the RTX 3070 video card, if you do not use APCCILing technologies such as DLSS, FSR or Xess.

"We received several reviews about the performance of the game in general. We will definitely release performance updates after starting the game. But for greater transparency, we developed the game taking into account the scaling (DLSS/FSR/XESS), ”the developers said on Reddit.

Further, the developers clarify that a change in other settings can lead to an improvement in performance. It is obvious that the greatest scatter, in addition to turning on and off apskayling, will give changes in shadow settings. Unfortunately, many Remnant 2 players in the comments replied that even the use of a balanced DLSS is not enough to ensure a stable personnel frequency.

I have 3070ti, 9600K and 16 GB of RAM. In 1440p mode, using a balanced DLSS, I get a very unstable frame rate, which varies from 30, in the worst case, up to 50-65 frames per second at more calm moments. Very unstable frame frequencies, although Gsync helps. But still I would very much like to be able not to sink below 60, given the technical characteristics of my PC.

Many other users supported the aforementioned player. Apparently, even the scaling technology is not able to provide a smooth gameplay promised by developers with the destruction of monsters.

It is unnecessary to say that such statements of developers have caused discontent among many players. The creators were accused of unwilling to spend additional resources on standard optimization.