Fallout is one of the most famous role -playing series, which not only formed entire generations of gamers, but also twice turned our idea of ​​what the atmosphere of post -apocalypse could be.

Exactly 15 years ago, on October 28, 2008, the debut of Fallout 3 was held – one of those games that were loved by reviewers and new players, and the series veterans scolded it for withdrawing from the classical formula of the dilogy. Bethesda masterpiece received an average rating of 93% and was sold by a circulation of more than 12 million. copies.

And tomorrow, October 29, we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Fallout 2 – an outstanding classic game, which brilliantly developed the formula of the first Fallout and added a ton of black humor to it, which was subsequently picked up by the scriptwriters Obsidian Entertainment when writing the plot of Fallout: New Vegas.

– wrote the official Fallout account in X.

To date, at least 10 Fallout games have been released, from which we have received four main parts and spin-offs, such as Brotherhouse of Steel, Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 76.

I remember fled to the market behind the disk of fol3) they didn’t bring it yet, I sadly leave the store and see the truck is unloaded and there my game was) rejoiced when I just started playing and born)

I also fled and bought such a format of the diploma))

Is it 1c can be considered lyceum? They are just localizers, not?

I bought a pirate back 150r)

Lyceuha was, 450r was worth + faces. The key on the wrapper, GTA 4 at that time was the same

1C was a publisher on posts. And for localization, most studios, including Betzda with them, concluded a contract

Congratulations to all players who played Fallout 2-3

I join. I am at least one of those old -players that I played in past parts before release 3. But I love everything except 76. And a little a little dislike 4. And how many hours at 3 hours he killed in his additions and in New Vegas with this robbery of the casino. Yehh it was a different life, as we were young

The real Follych was 1 and 2 parts the rest of the miserable parody

Well, well, the presence of categoricality is a sign of a lack of sanity. ))

It’s not the same for everybody. My acquaintance with the series began with the third folish, and I, on the contrary, consider the first and second parts by a detonation. The tastes and color of the felt -tip pens are different.

Some who started acquaintance with the series from the third part are 30 years old, time flew rapidly (

Even 35 in December will be fulfilled)

How do you know ? ))) I will have 30, in the classroom, I drove 8-9 in the game, it was a distant time))) how we got old and the world changed

I myself played in the third part somewhere in 15-16 years, now in November I will be 30

Recently installed Fallout 3 Goty, before that was held in 2009. You know, even now, it is quite possible to run by studying the world slowly, even the graphics are satisfied, in the game the main thing is an atmosphere that blocks a few shortcomings.
In general, it was definitely 15 years old. It seems to me that it was recently, the time has passed quickly (

Yes, that is the meaning. It is better to double -check the past parts than to ride in Starfield

Well, Starfield will be finished through a year, there will be DLSS and additions, it will be possible to run, the mechanics are the same, only not an open world (

People, the wretchedness of the game is not in the DLSS and the absence of additions. No one was on the release and waited massively

I was not particularly familiar with the series to the three, so even a couple of times I launched the first part in 2004 and dropped at the very beginning in a cave with rats.

Когда тройка вышла, то все про неё говорили, что это Обливион с пушками и я как фанат Морровинда и Обливиона не смог пройти мимо.

The game went through and, in principle, I liked everything. Then when New Vegas came out, I would be surprised that the card had less in size, but the content in the game seemed to be many times more. Well, of course, I liked New Vegas then more than the three.

Then, over the past 10 years, I had a couple of times and the three and New Vegas and yet I somehow like the three more, even though the content in it is less. There is something in it that is not in New Vegas. The atmosphere in it is some special. post -apocalyptic. In New Vegas, it is somehow not felt, there is some more clowning with all these cowboys, legion, caravans and casinos.

It’s funny that a couple of years ago I still went through the first and second part and the sensations from these games I have very similar. The first part really liked its atmosphere, although the game is quite short. But in the second content there are already more at times, but again the atmosphere disappeared somewhere. Again some clowning was made with a casino, mafia and natives.

The first thing is now for an adult audience, and the whole and consistent, good, there is fashion to turn off the timers to calmly run.

It is not necessary for her mods, there is a quest for water supply, which, in fact, is almost infinitely, the timer shifts

The destruction of the necropolis also shifts?

Yes, and the quest for those who know, when I played a child again – I just wanted to wander around the map – I rested on the timer – I threw the game, I think like many.

I don’t know what infinity of people speaks, they threw me a quest with water for about a couple of months.

There it seems in the very first version 1.0 somehow hard was done, not only on the water chip, but also on the attack of mutants on the shelter 13 there is a timer, only it seems to be hidden, I don’t know for sure.

Then already in 1.1 or 1.2 He was removed. It seems like you still get a bad ending if you kill the master later than some day. It says that mutants destroyed Shaidi Sands, although in fact everything is fine with the settlement.

I think I will somehow try to go through the release version 1.0, but by normal. I will not chop the plot and cut it right away in the necropolis.

I fell in love with the RPG genre, when in the 2nd part I ran around the workers’ building, in Dan, from Metzger, gradually firing from its guard, and you could make a different choice.

Already much later he played in the first part, and for some reason it looks even better against the background of continuation. Like a prequel/nostalgia, where the world does not live yet, but only comes to life.

Agree. I liked the first more.

The second has some kind of logical principle. Well, as a person who has fed up with the Brotherhood of Steel, found a bunch of technology founded a settlement that has rolled up for 100 years at the tribal uste. There was seriously there was something like a city of refuge, or Shaidi Send. Well, in the worst case, during decline and degradation, they would rather have turned into raiders than into Chingachokov.

Congratulations to everyone who played in the 2nd and 3rd Fallout. Tin, already 15 years have passed, and it was like it was recently.. At that time I worked in a comp-club, played for days, eh good times..☹

I remember first I read about Fola 1 in some magazine and really wanted this toy, and then I was lucky to get a disk with it. Sitting at all rest 🙂 Then Fool 2 came out, then the extremely strange foul tactics, although he also liked it, and Fool 3 directly embodied my ideas, what the world that I imagined, playing in the first part and not even dreaming of seeing it to see it One day three -dimensional 🙂

Congratulations to all Fallout fans on such an event!)

I remember how I stole a pirate disc with Fallout 3 in a stall, while still a schoolboy), which you won’t do for the sake of folly)

I would Fallout 3 Yes, and Vegas with pleasure again passed if there was time, for me it is one of the best series of games as well as tes.

I really want to bring fan remakes to the release all the same.

I remember how the game came out, I bought it, but I never played in such a genre, and played Fallout 3 as a regular shooter, stupidly shot at all and when I went to wastelands, and I had no idea where to go, and just got it off He examined the weapon and went to the wasteland, and killed everyone whom he met, and I looked at me all the time when the murder of any NPS Karma fell, I did not understand what it meant, and even when I came to Megaton, everyone also began to extinguish all because some were no longer friendly and not friendly and not friendly and not friendly and not friendly and They opened fire for me, only then I realized how to play it. and even went completely 100%, and also remained before a certain choice in order to see what will happen if I choose another way option.

How long did it be a student to this day then :). 39

Good games F3 and FNV. At one time, they went carefully and completely. In terms of the plot, script, musical provision, game mechanics of real RPG – they are one of the best, especially FNVV. But these strange filters always annoyed, green in F3 and brown in fnv. It is clear that the graphon is not the main thing here. But in F4, finally there were no these filters and the graphone is better. But despite the fact that FNV was good in everything, the best game of the gazebo in my opinion is F4, t.To. There is an opportunity to create its own settlements as Gamer himself wants, in fact, a game designer is born in a gamer, and I think this is incredibly cool. Despite the world in the F4 relatively empty, terrible textures of intra-game locations and boring dialogs, F4 fell into the book of recorods on the number of dialogs. In this game, an incredible number of dialogs, albeit empty, not leading to anything. But most importantly, this is very good interactivity, a lot of all sorts of rubbish and loot, and the unbalanced game, there may be an action from one location to another, and may be the construction of one settlement to another. A huge number of tasks, albeit not particularly interesting, different NPCs, locations. But from all this, if you gradually explore everything and create your own settlements saturated with life, the impression of the world living in your life is formed, this is not immediately. And when you yourself create in this empty world your world from settlements, settlers and suppliers. The game is very large, for several years of the game. So many years later since 2014. I still play F4 and constantly discover something new and a detailed outfit settlement and find new ones, even without finishing the main plot branch. Awesome game! F4 is the best thing that the gazebo in the history of her games did.

At one time, he read out the holes to the holes on this game in the magazine of Liki, but could only play it after a while. Of course, the plot did not go very much, but gameplay, the atmosphere and everything else was at a rather high level for me.I would like to note DLC, especially Point Lookout.Cool idea: make a semi-core addition for an already rather gloomy game.And it’s great that the next two games of the series also have such.

And in Fallout 3 one of the best localizations.

The best game of 2008. But now, no matter how I love Fallout 3, it is difficult to play. Terrible shooting mechanics, and some gameplay aspects should be changed.

So I would like to see a remake.

I support. The game is good, but the shooting is impossible – even in Vegas is better, and in Vegas it is far from the best.

It all came to the point that I went through the gender

, She is in Starfield, well, here is the problem of the gazebo engines, alas

Starfield decent shooting

So remember the superfish firing at Fallut 4, and the engine has to do with it?

In Vegas, it is better only because you can aim, but it strongly affects.

The first CD disk with a childhood game was Fallout 2 and was not mistaken with a choice 😉

I remember I saw a friend, I saw Follaut 2 coolly seemed to RPG all sorts of freaks, you can you can give a gecon from a knife if you are well pumping power to pour everything. then another friend Pa Pa F2 gave me to Pek, I tried to go through his couple, he seemed to me difficult. First, in one city went later, then I shipped other cities to look, then I just decided to smack the map all the map to know where to run. I cooled about quickly to the game. Paul my f1 to me, who is driving or a couple like that, I have played his Boloe, like he liked Tama crater hefty, radioactive. but also probably passed its percent by 10%. And wa could not enter into the setting. It seemed to me that this is an alternative story. Somewhere in 1960, during the Caribbean crisis, the 3rd world occurred, so some kind of lamp garbage and high technologies nearby, which after the war were shut up after the war or it did not stop just until it turned into the stage of war "sticks and stones" A cool plot. In general, dropped. And about this one of my first, the gambling on the meme of Pek was a demo Follaut tactics there was nothing clear there. I examined the textures mainly beautifully all the knives are drawn all sorts of cool post -apocalypse, pleasant graphics will probably play if I get a full game, and so I safely forgot about this game. The pitch for Diabla 2 mostly wanted and went to it later. All the same, the setting was not much not mine. I did not catch.

So the acquaintance of the student’s pitch ends with the classic parts of the series.

My very first acquaintance began with reading a note with some playplane (physical) according to Fallout 2. The author praised her in every possible way. But the main proposal for me at that moment of time was this: in order to completely enjoy the game, you need to take a beer box and lick at home for the weekend.

Well, I may not have been in 20 or 30 years, but I began to get acquainted with this universe from 3 parts. The game is my peer, but I’m glad that then, a few years ago I started playing this series of games, now I go through the very first parts, and I like it, from the very beginning Fallout has become one of my favorite series of games

Extended Edition – Random Collection.

Installed and launched. (Watch a steim)

Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition, like the most complete?

This is it. Only in the form "author’s assembly". A bit, toned textures, weather and other nuances.

Simply, improved version with preservation of the original.

Just the whole series decided to vine. Started with Nevada)

Here time flies PPC. I remember very well the day when Dad brought the disc with the first folish. I did not even understand how to play and what to do, the difficult seemed to PPC

I remember in the magazine "When you are alone at home" The game was called "Washington Stalker"

I called my Persian, stalker, when I got out of the shelter 🙂

I remember the release of the trailer of the Third Folych as if yesterday..

May God grant them a healthy man

Top game for my time, I remember how I studied the wasteland along and across, many interesting locations.

Damn, after reading the description of the Fallout 3 additions, I realized that Broken Steel did not pass, I would need to correct the omission.

God, what I have already become old))

One of the few games that passed to the end.

The most likely already 5 times, or even more for 15 years of the game . If I play again, then most likely already in the remaster that God knows when . I love to destroy Raven Rock, shoot the head of Mr. Glory and beat Mac Creedy and the Princess and then the whole Lemplaite, and also to break Roger Mexson so that the events of Fallout 4 never occurred . Because after Vegas it is no longer Fallout

I went through it so many times, then I started again and threw it. First passed it in 2012-2013, of course it was interesting to take place. Right now it looks densely dull, if only 4 parts or engine engine was transferred to the engine, they would give her a second life so to speak. Favorite part by the way, although New Vogas will be abruptly. At one time, he put some mod on mechanics and new weapons more interestingly, of course, but the clumsy mechanics are already running out in 2023, shooting can be closed at all. Like who put mods on a bunch of zombies in wasteland and fashion 18+: DDDDD

Feel yourself old.

Let’s drink for this. lemonade with the taste of barberry

I installed it again today, until the end I have not passed the game yet:

I like the game, but there is little time to pass

Okay, for work!)))

I remember I started playing it 3 times and threw it 3 times, but I went 4 times as I drove all at once, and then I went more than once, the okha is cool!

Glory to Fallout! Favorite series.

I still play, and now I go through Fallout: New Vegas. She seems to be the same, but she is different. And also no less interesting.

Generally young people gave the world such an interesting game. It’s just surprisingly people have played it for years, but how many mods came out for it not to count. I respect developers that give people the opportunity to include their imagination and make fashion / additions to the game themselves.