Starfield ships have become much more interesting. Despite the fact that the game is dedicated to the cosmos, the long -awaited release from Bethesda Game Studios, the creator of Elder Scrolls, Skyrim and Fallout, does not reach the interstellar battles a little. However, everything has changed thanks to the new impressive fashion, which completely changed the speed, sensation and balance of cosmic battles, adding new mechanics, weapons and even a variety of manufacturers.

Apogee mod from the creator of Ashkaari is exactly what it was possible to hope for the community of modders enthusiasts.

Apogee significantly increases the speed and intensity of space battles. Fly much faster, use numerous renewed and new engines and weapons systems – all this is designed to provide you with a more exciting and interesting experience.

From the very beginning it is clear how thoughtful the project is. Here is a thorough renewal and a number of new components. Additative speeds of the engines mean that the engines that you use, the power and the overall level of the starship design will help increase the maximum speed of the ship, and over time, more and more powerful components will be available to further increase the maximum power.

Functional shunting engines allow you to increase the mobility and brake abilities of the ship due to a small energy consumption, and more advanced models can be purchased from sellers of ships of specific manufacturers. By the way of manufacturers: Ashkaari introduced into the game the distinguishing features of the products of each company in the Cyberpunk 2077 or Borderlands style, that is, you yourself can determine what specialization you should be inclined, and not choose the best better.

Laser and ballistic weapons of ships received such necessary improvements. In addition, several new types of weapons were added to the game, including "Fast fire", such as autolazers and guns of gatling, which sacrifice accuracy for the sake of a large number of shots to help cope with more evasive opponents.