Against the background of universal delight about the release of Baldur’s Gate 3, which received almost all rewards "The game of the year" Under the sun, several reviews and posts appeared from long -standing CRPG fans, claiming that the new part of the Larian series is more like Divinity than Baldur’s Gate. This does not mean that the game is bad – in the end, the games of the Divinity series are very loved – but perhaps it just does not look like old Baldur’s Gates. And similar conversations were back during the release of Baldur’s Gate 3 to early access about three years ago.

Anna Huxens, senior designer of the role -playing games in Larian, recently talked about how many CRPG – Baldur’s Gate and Divinity – hit the boiler when Larian cooked Baldur’s Gate 3, and ultimately reasoned that they proceed from the same key goals. Journalists asked Guckens: "What do you think, how much in this formula from Baldur’s Gate, previous games, and how much from Larian, mainly Divinity?".

Larian games – they are all about the player’s independence, right? And about the creation of fascinating, emotional stories, in the center of which the player is always located. Therefore, both in Divinity and Baldur’s Gate, we create very strong gameplay systems that work for the narrative. We create a sandbox in which you can have fun, but at the same time there is a pronounced storyline in it, a very interesting, very exciting, emotionally involving story, and I think that this is its strength. A very strong story and characters, as well as very strong systems in gameplay, and so that they work together.

There is no direct objection to the argument in this response that Baldur’s Gate 3 is Divinity 3, but it was difficult to expect another answer from Larian.

One thing can be said for sure: Larian repeatedly and loudly thanked the creators of Baldur’s Gate Games from BioWare. The legend of role -playing games and the former head of Dragon Age David Gader called Baldur’s Gate 3 "a worthy successor" And "monumental achievement".

The other day, Baldur’s Gare 3 received the first patch in 2024 with a huge number of corrections and improvements..

How much can this topic already be raised about the similarity from the divinity?

But at the same time, the Third Baldurs in everything is better than the second divinity.

2. Satellites – much more interesting. In divinity, this segment of the game was much weaker.

3. The world is more interesting.

4. Variability of solving various issues – at the height.

5. Hemplefley also took a new level.

All studios would do such serious work on their projects, making them better than their predecessors.

The first 4 points yes, 5 point no. (Divinity of the fighting top, simple in understanding, is convenient and diverse for all classes from the beginning of the game in terms of combination of skills of different classes or various skills in each class, whether even in war.) In the bg3 fighting garbage, 1 – random, when you miss you, but for the lying opponents and that is what it is said. 2 – skills, many skills (magicians have almost do not have them) which are useless or the use of their situationally, and the restriction on their use of a nightmare is limited by the gameplay in general. 3 – variability and control, my typical battle in BG3 1/3 of the battle we use bows, because these disabled people are often simply unable to reach the enemy (although they are not archers, accordingly low damage and misses), 2/3 we use abilities (which quickly end ), 3/3 of the battle is stupid man-handed, but the next fight of Luke+hand-to-hand (after all, the spells are over) and then you understand that it is time to go sleep. I am generally silent about control with such restrictions. Although this is not only the BG3, but the entire series in general and similar games (exception: the DOS and Dragon Age series)

I love Baldur’s Gate 3 and Divinity Original Sin 2

In contrast, I can say that it is time to end the fanboys with toning on the BG. The plot here is exactly the same as DOS2 – salvation of the world.Tracing paper sedge. About the world here can only be judged if you played BG1-2 for this is its logical reference. Plumpled variability ultimately leads you to the same place only in different ways.

People, you yourself chose this style of play, well, most likely you are stupid and do not use the battles for 100 percent. Look at the yutyub, what builders are building, you go out of how deep and wider the fighting is than it seems to you. From classic examples – Varlock can be developed so that you will actively use the shield, dagger, Eldrich Blast can be used 7 times for a move, and then even aeh, and all these actions are perfectly combined with the rest of the partners and their abilities. And on default Varlock is generally a boring single -button class.

SHEDOUHARART RECOME A little, and now it already floods the entire Pati with passive frail, and she spends the cells exclusively on a powerful outlet of the crowd or a fat boss.

They are really very similar, up to completely copied elements (approach to the detachment, for example, that you can play for one of them, and not just create your own).
This does not make the game worse.

For that matter, then almost all CRPG is similar to each other: one genre, settings and building a plot are usually similar, studios are spying on each other and borrow developments. And in the BG3, I more often saw the echoes of Pathfinder or Dragon Age than Divinity, but it could be because all these Original Sin, although I went through not without pleasure, but I was not impressed so that the game was remembered directly for a long time – as it went. So it happened. And so the similarity regularly reproaches the games of any studio: Fallout 3 – "Oblivion with guns", Warhammer 40000: Rogue Trader – "Pathfinder in space", Dragon Age compared with Mass Effect, and the developers themselves, like Aarina Flynn, believed that they became too similar. Even the Icewind Dale was once struck for allegedly indistinguishability from Baldur’s Gate – although, it would seem, one universe. But what, in fact, should surprise that each game studio has its own "handwriting", She uses her usual engine if he is not completely outdated (newly developing a new one), and her mechanics? Yes, the games have a lot in common: from interaction with the environment and all these burning barrels to the plot of the plot, where the whole detachment ends on the beach. But the atmosphere is different, although it has been preserved by the Larian good nature, when even by default evil characters do not cause fear or hatred. Rules D&DCCHUDODOUSED WHICH IT FOR SLEASENT WITH SLOTHERS AND FOR CHANGE – not everyone liked it, but you won’t write anything: you like playing in someone else’s setting – love and rules to observe. Well, in general, the game is much more kind, larger, more large-scale, spells and more skills, a lot of attention to trifles, a bunch of a fan service, indicating how the player wants to please the player-from nostalgic characters and still acquaintances from the BG1 buildings to sex scenes and deliberate pets, the images are brighter and better worked out-I do not remember the game for a long time where people liked and remembered even episodic heroes like a blue Tiflingshi-barda or a conductor-ledger. There is still no sense to achieve similarities with classic games of 20 years ago: since then there has been too much new, which has already become obligatory in RPG, both graphics and approach have changed. It is better to use and develop your own achievements.

Well, yes, yes, Skyrim, Follaut, Starfield, if not for different settings, then they would have been under a carbon copy.

And for me, so the game is sooo similar to Dragon Age Origins. Both Persians and locations.

Well, why is it compared with divinity, the Balda is more than Dragon Age: Origins reminded me

IMHO, in the BG3 would be a combat system from DOS2 and not this is all the same with cubes and one point at a time, and she would not be the price. And so, I put a traineer and skip the battle for a long time, for it is not interesting. In DOS2, I really took tactics in contractions, and then some stupid jamming – and a couple of battles are sure after rest.

Typical Larian is simple?

It is, this is another part of the divinity, in Baldur even the fighter was not step -by. Yes, there are very few in the game from Baldur, except for the name. But as another part of divinity, the game is not very bad, went through all three of their games with pleasure.

Divinity is boring and very linear (not counting the last part). BG3 is one of the best games that I played.

Maybe it was not worth doing instead of BG Devinity? That he is so surprised then ? He would still call the game for example Dum 5 and said that "We have all the games like that " What are you really)

That you can’t catch hype on a loud name ! Divinity is second -rate "RPG" it was, there is not Haipanesh)))

Before the Original Sin release, the Divinity series was really enough.

I’ll tell you the secret of Original Sin the same second -rate ! Just for the beggar as they say.