The next major game located in the development of the CD Projekt RED studio is announced with Project Polaris (New The Witcher). This is Project Orion, a new game in the Cyberpunk franchise.

Within the framework of the new philosophical and strategic model, various CD Projekt Red studios will work on games that are completely different from each other, each of them will have its own scale, concepts, budgets and strategies, just like Ubisoft work on their games, sharing Teams and departments.

As for " Project Orion", called Cyberpunk 2, then it will have nothing to do with the studios that created The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077. This is due to the fact that the CD Projekt North America, founded in 2022 and located in Boston, is responsible for the project. In addition to CDPR North America, it will help in development by the CD Projekt Red Vancouver in Canada, acquired in 2021 and led by former employees Rockstar, Ubisoft and EA.

As in the case of the new The Witcher, the new Cyberpunk will leave the stage of prejudice and move on to the stage of full development in 2024, and both games will be led by various directors with opposite visions. CD Projekt also confirmed that both projects are AAA developments, have a very high budget and will be released on 9th generation consoles (Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5).

We will begin full-fledged work on Orion, the next large Cyberpunk-game, also in 2024 [along with the next The Witcher]. Work on the concept began some time ago. We already know what Orion will be. However, the team is in the stage of formation, and its core will compose developers from the North American studio CD Projekt Red in Boston".

On their basis, we will build a larger structure, including our Vancouver team CD Projekt Red. Of course, there will be less large -scale support from developers in Poland".

To cope with two large AAA projects in production, the CEO of CD Projekt was asked if the studio was going to expand further, to which he answered affirmatively, but this will not happen in traditionally.

CD Projekt Red studios in Poland and CD Projekt Red in North America will gradually expand by attracting new talents during 2024 and 2025, but unlike what the company has done in recent years, the new studios will not be acquired.