Among other changes that will appear in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator in update 1.49, there will be a rather large function that will make several settings important for immersion in virtual freight transportation. Meet dealers of used trucks!

Dot trucks will be available immediately in the main menu, where you can choose trucks that are cheaper compared to completely new cars. However, these former use trucks have a certain mileage and wear, which is indicated by their rating and a separate window, which contains detailed information about damage to various parts.

This function provides players with a great opportunity to own a truck without spending too much money. It is especially ideal for beginners who want to hit the road without serious investments, and also adds an additional level of complexity for experienced players.

One of the most significant changes associated with this function is the improved system of damage and repair. Previously, individual details accumulated damage, expressed as a percentage and they could be repaired. However, with update 1.49 parts will be divided into three types of damage:

  • Damage: this type of damage can be eliminated with standard repairs, as before.
  • Details of details: components with signs of wear, it is necessary to replace.
  • Constant wear: Parts with constant wear can be restored only by completely restoration of the entire car. This is a more expensive procedure, but this is the only way to return the truck and trailer to the pristine state.

The advanced damage system provides improved control over car maintenance. Now you can make a conscious choice regarding which parts should be repaired or replaced based on your judgment. In addition, you have the opportunity to seek professional advice on choosing the best strategy for repairing your truck or trailer.

Again it turns out everything new well -forgotten old) in 18 Wheel of Steel was the opportunity to buy a boor.

Only knowing Chekhov – visually used tractor with any mileage will look like as soon as the conveyor. Neither you rust, nor you traces of the previous owner. And mandatory then (replacement of oils and t.D.) Czechs do not have. That the new tractor, that old – no difference.

And taking into account that there used to be mods for used tractors, but they did not use particular popularity – then the value of this innovation from the Czechs is generally not.

Of course I would like to make mistakes, but.

Something is needed "new" Add, they and HDR cut out about 6 years ago, now to return like a new feature.

There was not HDR cut out, but the ability to turn it off. It was of course a setup. In my environment, many (including me) turned off HDR.

And about something "New". So personally, I created a topic on the off a few years ago. forum with a request to add one user button to the user action for trailer. By type of scoring or lifting axes. It would be possible to cut off normal opening/closing doors or lifting/lowering the body of a dump truck. Models would have figured out what needs to be. But no. They didn’t even answer in the topic, although the section was precisely to contact the developers about all sorts of wishes.

Hi Vadik! They would have answered, they believe that they know better what needs to be added and what needs to be cut, how many times I saw how some things were cut out, shaders, for example, then returned with a quiet sapa, rarely abstained like something new. But with 1.40 was cut out so much, but it seems to begin to return something to physics.

First, you take orders on different machines for uncle, then money appears and I take a new truck, there is enough money in the game, it all depends on how much you are ready to work for the uncle, it makes no sense in these supported cars.

But a more detailed wear of the truck is a completely interesting undertaking.

Wear and restoration, this has long been missing in the game. But, used tractors, this is not entirely clear. Either I don’t understand something, or they don’t agree on something to me. I think like this: I create a new profile (let’s say on an autonomous map), buy a used tractor, take an order, take it, and this junk stalls all the way, and without the possibility of repair. Or roars, like a cut boar, smokes, chams, stinks and does not pull, like a hamster on the rise. So or? If so, then an addition with used dealers, very tasty. If not, then it is necessary? Look at the scifting on the scoreboard, which they say how much your newly made horse has already outlived its own?

Well, compared UK with Europe, as soon as they start to drop the path, they immediately change it, to a new

Well, it would be cool if this appears in this update. That the difference between a new track and used will be really noticeable. And so, there are no visual differences, neither dentes neither scratches nor redheads. I bought a cheaper tractor, immediately kicked it by one hundred, plugged a couple of hundred Baku and you are going to rejoice that he was heated by suckers, half. But if this path will make your head all the way, you will have a fierce desire to go to the bank, take a loan and buy a new one.

There is a mechanics of wear, but it is very disgusting. After 10% wear of the engine, the tractor begins to stall periodically. And the wear itself is extremely slow, the repair is super cheap.
You can increase the speed of wear and tear, do after each conditional 5000 km that at least some difficulty and meaning to earn money appear, but the stalling engine is terribly annoying, especially after 50%, it stalls almost every minute.

The game, in principle, has practically no progression. You deliver a couple of goods, take a loan, buy a new tractor and after 20-30 hours you have paid all loans, the wagon is pumped at the maximum, the account has several hundred thousand euros and it remains just to ride until you get tired.
Why haven’t you worked out for so many years, it is not clear. I am silent that the name of the game is in the title "simulator" There is.

Well, this is, if the game was called English Truck Simulator

They are not a bad idea with these dealers, but they will not switch, and if everything comes to the numbers, consider that they no longer have aimed. I repeat – the difference should be noticeable. It is in the tractors themselves, the new and used. If it is not, then in advertising: if you are not visible, then why pay more? A player with a bag of money comes to the salon, but cannot buy a path that wants – Lovel is not the same. Mal, haven’t grown yet. The dealer will not sell him either, he is not an underground commissary. And trades not stolen in high. It’s one thing when you ride your uncle, and another conversation when you take the tract into property. Here is already left – an important aspect.

They would better rock the topic with nuts. Very often you can observe the route as the outfit of the traffic police car stopped someone and the brave azhan, stands and tells something diligently to the driver. Why is this not happening with the player? You go to yourself, here the traffic cops overtake you, you have a message on the scoreboard – press to the side of the road and stop to verify documents. Ignored, observe the fine and write -off of money from the account. Stopped, then on the alarmed – drown out the engine, there is a check of documents. It is possible without a detail, but you don’t have a long time to cut the animation, where the same cop gets out of the car, approaches your track, stands and leafs through the papers that you supposedly gave him. Not to make such a way, even a crooked animation, without opening the doors of the policy,. And clap, only you drowned the engine, it grew like from under the ground at your track. I checked the pieces of paper, then again on the played – everything is in order, a happy path. Here is a real topic. You just swayed, you go somewhere around the autobahn, stomp in a straight line, and here you are hello "Click to the side of the road".

Is it really at least something that should get off 1.39 with mods)

It will be sad with sound -baked traffic. You go on a used track to save for repairs or repairs, and here you "wild" Traffic to the barrel. And consider the path to total and what to do? So I think that first you need to deal with him, I’m talking about traffic.

Take the usual orders in which they give a ready -made truck with a trailer, which you pass back at the end of the flight. It is not necessary to repair it. And you also do not need to take care of a dream, since at the time of receipt of the order, fatigue is dumped to zero. I was still on to travel on such flights of 100 Lyama accumulated. And then I thought for a long time, why should I buy your truck at all? Build your transport empire? So this game does not seem to be about the economic strategy.

I would have had 300 lums on its truck during the same time.
Yes, and each time to tune the chair for yourself, the steering wheel, mirrors – it will be selected.
Plus, when you go on your truck, you can call in tuning there, add niches, change the box with the engine, etc.D.
I have already rolled over 5 million km on the poppy, heh, there would be this update earlier, only the lins would have remained from Mac by this time, the rest would have rotted)
Money in this game does not mean anything, the whole high from the process. And this process is built when you ride on your tractor with your trailer.

Well, I don’t even know what kind of talling are you talking about. Mirrors in the form of windows on the left and on the right hang constantly, the rest did not touch the rest at all. Hung the cabin with all sorts of rubbish to create "Cozy" I never suffered. The only thing is tuning, some trucks were given by weak and sometimes at a speed of 5-10 km/h, some of the tank was so small that sometimes they had to think in advance so that the fuel was enough from refueling to refueling. So for me it is even more interesting: diversity + unexpected element of complexity.

When I bought a Scania, the gameplay changed more towards resting rest, otherwise, because of the need to stop sleeping, you could not have time to deliver the load to the deadline. Otherwise, everything has become more monotonous and less interesting. Although, all the felt -tip pens to taste and color are different.

Each truck has its own landing. One steering wheel has too close, the other mirror is not so turned, the third has a low landing. And this is not to mention trucks from mods.
This is what setting I am talking about.
You are afraid not to have time, put a modification to increase the delivery time, so the game will be more realistic. Otherwise the goal is to drive 15 thousand km in 11 hours is nonsense. It is worth resting once in the parking lot, and now you are already late.

Iron logic 🙂
Do not tear out the text from the context.

A couple of flights for uncle – a loan at a bank – a new car. And that’s it. He drove to himself.

The prices in connection with inflation on new trucks will be raised by 2 times, why do they make the market for supported cars so that you could only accumulate to the new level of the most cheap truck to the 30th level.

Lord, when this money in the game was a problem ? On the default without mods for everything and the economy, including few people play. The sense that the inconsistent on new tracks will fasten the price tag of a million, but at least a billion . There are mods with starting capital. Start a new profile with starting millions. I do not understand those who to complicate the game for a joke . this is a game and not real . In the game this real hemor was not enough. Masochists some kind of God

I have been observing the addition of cards for many years, the gameplay while practically unchanged: the outfits are clearly lazy against the background of the lack of competitors

Yes, even external damage would have added at least the frontal cracked, the headlights broken, the stopari do not work, the used trucks for nothing will be good for buying slaves, cheap and angrily, let them drive, rolled up, sold and bought more same.

For a long time I have been using a moded mod for trucks, but what has expanded the damage model – for this respect. It remains only to make dynamic skins on the path so that the truck would be aged from time to time.

Beginners can come in, and you can quickly accumulate, and many after interest disappears when millions have nowhere to go.

And you will stall every 10 m.

A hundred teleport to help

I honestly for cosmetic damage, otherwise I get into something at high speed and there is nothing on the body.

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