Starfield developers revealed several more details about the companions that can join you in the game, including that more than 20 personalized characters can be accepted into the team.

"The game has more than 20 personal characters who can join your team", – Said the leading quest designer Will Shen in a recent session "questions and answers". Shen added that "Four of them are from "Constellations" and have the greatest plot and interaction with the player, but all nominal characters have their own background, and they can follow you (and transfer your things)".

The boss Bethesda Todd Howard earlier noted that Starfield will have four main options for a romantic relationship, and it is very likely that these are the same four members of the constellation with an extended background, which are mentioned here.

Regardless of whether we are talking about romantic options, Starfield companions will join the specific "a set of skills of different levels", Sheen explained. Leading designer Emil Paljarulo added that these characters "cannot increase their level", But these skills will help to describe their history and give you bonuses in the gameplay.

Some of them are given for color to emphasize the biography and interests of companions. But most of all you will feel benefit from those that are associated with the ship and combat. Get a strengthening of shields or see how your companion fires weapons that he owns perfectly – these are very pleasant moments.

Companions differ from the crew of the Starfield crew, which you manage your ships and avantists, although, apparently, there is some intersection between them, since you can still assign personal characters to your crew. In any case, do not worry too much about how you will pay the salary of crew members. "You just pay them once", – Paljarulo explained. "We experimented with the payment of their regular salary, but in the end we decided to do the same amount".

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