This year strategy Total War: Rome 2 will celebrate its tenth birthday, but it is still very popular – it is enough to mention that yesterday’s activity record in Steam was six thousand simultaneously playing players. A considerable merit in this belongs to fans who, using mods, constantly develop the game. The most important of them is Divide et Impera Recently received a new version that can be downloaded from

The mod improves almost every element of the game and expands it with new elements, including additional campaigns and units. The project carefully processes the game balance and the characteristics of units to make all this more difficult and at the same time it is better to reflect the historical truth – among other things, the size of the armies were improved, and the formation behave as they would behave in real life. Morality and fatigue systems were also significantly improved.

On the strategic map, on the other hand, the year was increased to four rounds, a completely new supply system was introduced, previously unknown raw materials were introduced, and the pace of the troops march became realistic. Historical errors in the graphics were also corrected and much more visual diversity of textures and equipment was introduced.

This is only some of the changes. Mod introduces hundreds of new opportunities that generally change the whole game strongly.

New version of fashion 1.3.2 offers many advantages, including an additional campaign in the form of a war of Rome against Mithridates, which begins in 83 BC AD. This campaign also presents three previously inaccessible factions.

The version also makes improvements to most previously available fractions, both in terms of balance and the appearance and behavior of units. Not without error corrections.

Total War: Rome II came out in September 2013 and is available only on PC. Divide et Impera is currently the most popular and important mod. Fans consider it mandatory for those who want to play this strategy.