The main role in Bully requires Rockstar Games to make Bully 2. Rockstar Games is known for creating one of the best games. This is not an exaggeration, since they have both the most reviewed games in history and some of the most commercially successful games. Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 are standards in the open world games industry, and Rockstar will probably continue to raise the bar with Grand Theft Auto VI, but some fans hope that Rockstar will return to one of its small franchises in the near future.

Bully – one of the most unique games Rockstar. The developer put the players in the place of a private school student named Jimmy Hopkins, an unbearable teenager who opposes authorities. While Rockstar is known for its large -scale open worlds, in which you can arrange chaos, this game was much larger, but perhaps more purposeful, allowing you to roam the small town on skateboards, go to classes and arrange draws. The game received good reviews, and shortly after its release the appearance of a sequel was expected. Unfortunately, Bully 2 has been repeatedly canceled for several years, and at the moment, perhaps, it has completely stalled after the success of such large -scale games as GTA Online.

However, actor Jimmy Hopkins Jerry Rosental recorded a video in which he demanded that Rockstar Games make a continuation for fans. The actor noted that he does not need to act in the game, and he knows that she may not bring as much money as Grand Theft Auto, but wants Rockstar to take a chance for fans.

Rockstar, please make Bully 2, for the sake of the whole saint! People want to play it. She means a lot for many people

If the Bully 2 will still take place, then most likely it will come out more than 20 years after the first game. Grand Theft Auto VI will not work another year or two, so Bully 2 may appear no earlier than the end of the 2020s, if we assume that this will be the next game Rockstar. However, the developer may prefer to move on to something new.