During an interview with the Japanese media at the Fanan Fantasy 14 fan festival in Tokyo, producer and gamer -director Naoki Yoshida expressed his thoughts about what would happen if he had not headed a team of developers.

According to Famitsu, Mr. Yoshid was asked if he was thinking about transferring the leadership, perhaps after many years.

He explained that he has two or three ideas for development even after 8.0 (expansion that goes after Dawntrail), so he believes that he can continue to lead to at least 9.0, without exhausting their ideas.

At the same time, he believes that it is too much to tell employees about the future to complicate the situation, so these ideas are still in his head so far.

First of all, he will do everything possible in the present and direct the ship, moving towards the intended development, so he hopes that the fans will continue to safely enjoy the trip on the ship "FFXIV" with him.

He has already said that Final Fantasy 14 is a matter of his whole life, therefore, while he works in the game industry, he will continue to do everything possible for this game.

On the other hand, hypothetically, if it breaks up, then, in his opinion, everything will be in order with the FFXIV team.

And although, perhaps, there is no person who is able to hold a two -hour presentation in Tokyo Dome (as yesterday about the upcoming expansion of Dawntrail), he is sure that his team will be able to provide the same exciting information.

The same applies to development and direction. He already subtly told several people about which direction he is moving, and there are people who are ready to take responsibility.

Thanks to this, even if he falls, the production team will still be able to work as a whole, and he will be able to find several people who can engage in the design of the game.

The only thing that changes is no one will transmit his individuality. On the other hand, there may be those who can take a step forward, not burdened by its presence, and this will make it possible for new ideas.

The Final Fantasy 14 team became stronger and more resilient than you might have thought. I believe that at the moment everything is safe, so please play with confidence.

In conclusion, Mr. Yoshid jokingly says that even if he leaves the game industry, we should not worry. In this case, he will simply take on the role "a player who constantly complains to a team of developers".

Currently, Final Fantasy XIV is available for PS5, PS4, PC and Mac. In the spring of this year, it will also be released on Xbox Series X | S, and in February an open beta version will begin.