The region of Western Balkans is distinguished by the variety and picturesque landscapes: from rocky mountains to serene coastal lines. Among this natural beauty in a difficult area, a network of tunnels is laid, which serve as vital transport and infrastructure ties for all drivers!

The developers worked hard on the creation of many such tunnels in the upcoming DLC ​​Western Balkans for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Since each of them is unique in its own way, many additional resources and models have been created to better represent their real analogues in the virtual world.

Thanks to crossed areas, you can travel to more than 60 tunnels to DLC Western Balkans. Most of them will be located in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Croatia, many of these tunnels are located on the highway along the coastal road network, while in Bosnia they were built in a picturesque hilly and mountainous area.

Today, many tunnels located along the main road networks have very strict security rules that help minimize any accidents. The developers have created many additional materials representing some signs and technologies that exist in many tunnels; including traffic lights, digital speed signs, emergency phones, ventilation and much more!

In this DLC you will also find several well -known and new tunnels, for example, the impressive tunnel of Caravanks, crossing the mountain range Alpine Caravanks. Another example is the tunnels of the Supava and Polakovitsa, which have an impressive connection, known as a stone bridge that connects them both.

Although the tunnels look simple, they are amazing engineering achievements, the creation of which can sometimes take many years. Ra canes hope that you will find time to check some of them in your future travels!