The canceled game TimesPlitters, which was in development in the Free Radical Design studio, was supposedly at one time a free Fortnite clone.

Fandom was addressed by a former employee of the now closed studio Free Radical Design with new details about the development of the canceled project TimesPlitters. In confirmation of his words, an anonymous source shared the image of an intra-game character, a slightly different version of which is also available in the portfolio of the artist of 3D accessories of Alfred Turner on ArtStation.

The anonymous employee Free Radical Design said that the TimesPlitters project was changed at the beginning of this year, in March 2023. The studio switched from a free Fortnite clone to TimesPlitters 2 remake with several new/changed levels and plot in an alternative time scale. They mentioned that no one in the studio did not like the initial direction, but the team of developers had no choice for a long time.

According to the original vision, the canceled game Timesplitters was supposed to be Free to Play Royal Battle with some additional modes, such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Bag. Characters and skins were planned as part of microtransactions. There were disputes about what will be included in the game and what can be bought. There was a lot of plot in the game, since it was a royal battle, but the studio had things such as ancient astronauts and "Cosmic bar", which was a hub.

The new direction was mainly TimesPlitters 2 with one level of TimesPlitters and two TimesPlitters 3, as well as several completely new sections. The plot was supposed to be a situation "What if", based on the plot of the original.

The employee also said that the decision to transition from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5 was adopted immediately after the announcement of the new engine. The transition took a lot of time, and even when the developer team did this, there were many problems. According to them, the game had to actually be redone from scratch, section by section.