Paradox Tectonic has released an extensive video about its upcoming Sims-like game Life by You, and this video is special.

In the video, the head of the Rod Humble studio, whom you can know from working on the franchise The Sims and Second Life, starred in the video. He talks about several interesting mechanics and asks the audience to express his opinion on some of them.

The first topic that we will consider is the progression of objects, presented in the form of washing machines.

Low -level items, as a rule, are weaker and even have problems (in the case of a washing machine, they spend water, increasing operational costs), while objects of a higher level, as a rule, eliminate these problems, but are more expensive when buying.

Various types of objects have a different depth of development and diversity.

We will also get a brief idea of ​​the skills that our people can possess, including cleaning.

Then we will consider the economy and how the initial money issued to a person at start is calculated.

You can watch the video below.

Life by You in early access for PC is scheduled for March 5, 2024.

I’ll go a little that the creator of the Sims series told about the new brainchild.

So, it seems, the Sims 2 cleaning skill has returned.

There are several levels of reliability and quality of technology.

And it was also remembered that even if Sim does not work, he still receives 250 money. Yeah, right a real life in this Life by You. True, they said that it is possible to turn off (apparently, with mods or intra-game settings) this miracle, but still. By the way, in the video this is justified by the fact that money can be spent on craft something.

By the way, it is also said here that some items can be made available only for craft, not for the Build-Buy mode. Interesting, for the modders of the expanse.

The first member of the family is issued 22,1500 money, for a teenager-500, for a child-5000 (?); The fairy -tale amount is explained by the fact that the outfits take into account the real prices for housing, furniture and all this money will go to buy housing, maybe enough for a large or moped, but there will no longer be enough for the car. T.E, 220 thousand.-This is not so much in this game. Immediately recall the starting 20,000 from the Sims 2-Tam also enough of them only for the base house.

On 12:42 A second of one of the features came out for a second "personalization" "Turbulent childhood": "This character did not have a fabulous childhood. Unless you like gloomy fairy tales". I wonder how it will affect the character’s behavior.

Further, the developer, chuckling, said that he hates potions and RPG games, because he does not like to ruin objects without the opportunity to use them later. Smiled.

In the menu of creating a character you immediately choose a house, the quality of furniture in it, work (specifically this time was chosen "Work from home"), as well as a means of transportation (car, great).

Left Chuvacello passed inside the character’s house, and Rod said that this was strange, but we will fix it. Sims series players at once "Yes, yes, the horse-story, how". At the very beginning of the game, a welcome packet-to make from Sims 2 life in apartments. And they brought, as always, to a non -coniferous back door. Well, the classic of the Sims genre.

In the end, they ask the players how they like it more whether to navigate the game with the rich or not? And whether it is necessary to strongly link the washing/dishwashers with appropriate skills.

In general, Work in Progress, in the following videos they promised to show the craft system of different things.