Roots of Pacha, the simulator of farming and life in the Stone Age, was removed from Steam.

The developers from Soda Den made a statement on social networks, explaining that, unfortunately, this is not a mistake (as it recently happened with the Ready or not game). Unfortunately, it seems that the game was deliberately deleted after a dispute with the publisher Crytivo.

Soda Den claims that the publisher refused to work with them to resolve the conflict within the company and instead turned to Valve to achieve the deletion of the game. You can read the full text of the application below.

As you may have noticed, the Roots of Pacha page on Steam temporarily does not work. We sadly report that we had a dispute with Crytivo about the rights to Roots of Pacha. We made every effort to closely solve the issue with Crytivo inside the company. Instead of working with us to solve the problem, Crytivo turned to Valve and authorized them to remove Roots of Pacha from Steam without our knowledge or consent. While we solve problems with Crytivo, we will continue to develop Roots of Pacha with the same energy that we always invested in it. We cannot be more grateful for the general reception of the game. Now we are working on a roadmap and are happy to report that it will be ready next month! We expected with careful optimism that Roots of Pacha will return to Steam very soon.

Crytivo responded to the Soda Den statement with her own statement, which states that Soda Den decided to unilaterally terminate the contract with the publisher, which led to the dispute and removal of the game from Steam before its resolution.

Roots of Pacha is a nice pixel simulator of life and agriculture in the Stone Age. Her financing through Kickstarter amounted to 355,388 US dollars, which is ten times higher than the initial target of 35,000 US dollars, and 7,015 backers were funded. The release of the game on the consoles is scheduled for the end of this year.