The gloomy world of Elden Ring from Fromsoftware was surprisingly rich in unique characters with an interesting story. These can be safely attributed to the goddess and Queen Marik, who has long been ruled by the whole immemor. The heroine practically does not participate in the plot events of the game, except for the final, but now we have the opportunity to evaluate her interpretation in the real world.

The enthusiast under the nickname Mysmartarts managed to completely recreate the image of the goddess Marika, although in the game itself its appearance is almost impossible to analyze. Using artificial intelligence technologies, the user managed to complete the image of the heroine and present her realistic version. It was such that the ruler-goddess of the Interight in reality might look like:

It is worth noting that fan work was very warmly accepted by fans and researchers of Elden Ring Laura. According to the players, the realistic version of Marika very accurately emphasizes her elegant and beautiful appearance, which was only described in the game.

Learn more about Marike, it will be possible in the plot addition of Shadow of the Erdtree for Elden Ring. Addon news can appear next spring.

Soon cosplayers will have to look for normal work :)))

AI draws girls better than real girls, 3D animated girls and 2d Tinks. AI has been in the manner of the Tyok

He draws disgustingly, you can always see when it is "Drawn" AI.

He draws just normal, but in one style absolutely, as if it were one artist.

and when a person draws it is not visible that it is drawn and a troll?

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Yeah, she is not bad Mariki.

If only after)

The eyes are good of course!

In my opinion, they are too big 🙂

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It was possible to completely recreate the image of the goddess Marika, although in the game itself its appearance is almost impossible to make out

It’s good that the genius here is the author’s type of the author! Otherwise what would we do?

Well, depending on whose interpretation, Netflix, for example, could look like this;

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Of course, that’s what, she would look like. What can be doubts.

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If only after AI he corrected the sake of decency (otherwise one eye on the other is crooked) and removed the other person behind🤔, otherwise it seems that behind her there is a ghost of the Queen Marika (if you bring it down, she has a squint), and she holds her hand under her skirt to get a gun with a silencer, well, or she would kill a knife or about to fan to this beauty..🙀🤣 Facial features are beautiful, natural lips, charm, I have a fetish on the lips (without any boots)

The person, apparently, simply controlled used without the negative of the industrial plate and received such a result.

These are already corrected

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Here is the goddess Hitomi Tanaka

Such a picture is generated 5 sec. The problem of such generation fingers. Still have not taught them to generate normal 😂 and with the eyes of the problem often.

Teach because models in images without hands
There is Deliberate and Reliberate to the XPUCT almost to the ideal, he was already much more likely to draw his hands

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They suffered in battle))

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Please post the original!

I mean Radagon?

Beautiful, but too soft appearance. Marika is so the warrior who fought all her life. Well, in theory, she should have more common features with a radagon.

How these freaks got enthusiasts

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On the right hand, the thumb (1 photo), on the left hand, the nail of the little finger (3 photos) – and otherwise . GODDESS. Happy New Year, everyone.

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Dliberate for Stable Diffusion from Khachatura

Almost but better than it was

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Here is actually, which is capable of a neural network, and I haven’t tried it much yet.

What is the neural network?

This is a real girl and not a neural network. 😀

And they told me here that they could distinguish where the real one is and where the neural network was drawn, it turns out that they can no longer. I created all these girls with the help of a neural network, not a single real photo or a reduced real one, everything from scratch, just using words.

I have a little time, we can do an experiment. Give me a request that you would like to see, pose, clothes, reason, well, ros there or narrow eyes, that is, Korean, Japanese and so on or Europeans .In short, give me a request, and I will make and post a photo here.

This is how Marika really may look like

mmm, well, the girl has good dimensions in front

and on me on the drum, on the blunders that someone saw🤣🤣🤣

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In what place (painted AI) is in real life? Okay (I did not know that I would blurt out) would be cosplay. But this is what. Especially hands and nails, but who needs it, the main thing was shown.

We look like a Slav to our English

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Here and the caliper is not far away.

This is her Marika! : 3

La what Fatimashka)))

I got it))

This was exactly what the ruler-goddess in reality might look like))

Very controversial appearance, under a certain angle beautiful, but so half -time.

We saw Marika and better. And such "creation" It is hard to call neural networks realism.

artificial intelligence? Interpretation of the heroine? Soon the combustion of the match will be magic)))) what AI? where? it is not and will not be)))) when you understand then?

Aftor shared the name of the model and Promt!

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