The next big patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 is coming out very soon, and, apparently, it will be very good, containing many improvements in performance and other corrections. It is even better that the problem of Mintara, which Director Sven Vink called, will be resolved in this patch "Very, very stupid mistake".

There were a couple of errors, because of which some companions did not respond as they should. As a result, there was a feeling that content was not displayed. Therefore, you did not see him in a mining. So the host of the screenwriter Adam Smith told me that about 1,500 lines of the mines were not displayed as a result of a very, very stupid mistake that we now isolated. And we solved this problem

Vinka said that the lines of the Mintars"worked" in previous versions, but "Something else led to the fact that they no longer work". This is the difficulty of creating a complex, interconnected role -playing game, filled with thousands of the smallest interactions.

Speaking about the general vision of the Mintars, Vinka says that the team has gone through "A few versions". One of the key differences is that it is not a character of origin, that is, you cannot play for it from the very beginning. In fact, Winka calls it "assistant".

In fact, she serves another character that you will meet later in the game, one of the antagonists. So she had to present this antagonist in another light. The fact that some of her remarks do not cause any emotions does not help. But she never had a real quest – a quest of origin. like some others in the third act. So the people who were looking for this simply did not find.

However, Larian Studios leaves the door open to further development.

We will fix the problem that blocks her replicas and see how the fans will accept her. And after that we will think about whether to do anything else for her. If something makes mixed impressions in the game, you can be sure that we will do something with this. The only thing we are not capable of miracles – we have a limited number of people working on the game

This patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently undergoing QA testing and should go out this week.